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Coodeville 10-24-2010 10:55 AM

A Question About Tension?
I've been sewing a lot of vinyl onto sewfoam and practicing straight lines. So far, so good. The other day I decided to do some cleaning in my home and made a small wallet to store some credit cards, business cards, etc. It did not have to come out perfect at all. So I sewed two pieces of vinyl together and my bobbin thread was pretty much straight along the bottom - of which I expected. So the question is this _ does my thread tension need to be tightened or loosened when going from a thick piece of work to a thin piece? I have not yet experimented with this because everything I've done so far has been very thick.

DanTwoLakes 10-24-2010 06:31 PM

You need to check your tension using whatever you're going to be sewing together before you start sewing in earnest. If there needs to be an adjustment, that would be the time to do it. I would think that your original tension adjustment is off if you have that big of a variation, even going from thick to thin.

The thread being straight along the bottom means the bobbin thread tension is tighter than the top thread tension. If you lifted the foot with the knee lift or the lever before you did your sewing, you have to make sure you get the top thread back down to the center of the tension disks, 'cuz lifting the foot releases those disks. If you start sewing before the thread re-seats itself that could cause the problem.

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