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pichoboxing 03-11-2005 09:03 AM

question for halloweenking
hello there pal i found very helpful actually extremely helpful your explanation of painting ghost flames, but i was wondering if i could bother you just a bit and at the same time if you could help me there is a web site called theres pics in there with reference #`s like 484,454,452 because of you now i know that i have to use pearls to create ghost flames no one there wanted to help me the owner there i guess he said he could not devote his secrets and could`nt tell me nothing i dont want to take nobodys business i just want to paint my bike and do it my self but anyway if you could do me a favor and go into this web site and dont know how good your resolution on your computer is but on the jobs i mentioned if maybe you would know what pearl colors he used i`d appreciate it. the base color i got down it was black base with silver mini flake on top to make a metallic black then candy tangerine on top give`s you that rootbeer like color ,the ghost flames is what im lost with if you could find some time to help me i`d appreciate it. if theres anyway i can contact you privately let me know i`d give you my email but dont want do it here cause dont want unnecesary emails coming my way thanks DEREK

malc 03-11-2005 10:39 AM

You been away a loooooooong time.

Beenaway2long 03-11-2005 10:51 AM

No, I'm Beenaway.......LOL

malc 03-11-2005 10:54 AM

or Jeff, or Doc, or....

cboy 03-11-2005 11:51 AM


If this all sounds confusing, I think what's being said is that you will probably not get a response from halloweenking. To my knowledge he hasn't posted in many many months.

poncho62 03-11-2005 01:40 PM

About a year now..........................Docvette has been gone since November.

crazy larry 03-11-2005 01:51 PM

maybe Weimer could hep tha cat out? :P

Jon 03-11-2005 02:04 PM

Before Halloweenking stopped posting, he was kind enough to leave us with many excellent articles on body work.

Now, his articles are listed in google, and in many other places all over the web. Because of this, many people are being exposed to his information.

For example, try the following searches in Google. You'll notice HK's "Ghost Flames" tutorial is coming up in the first few results:

google search for: painting ghost flames

google search for: ghost flames

Many others too, I can see the visitors coming in through the website referral logs, looking for HK's articles.

38 special 03-11-2005 05:03 PM

Wow! That's amazing how many articles there are about ghost flames. I can see I don't get off this site enough to browse the web.

pichoboxing 03-12-2005 07:22 AM

ghost flames
thank you all for the info

Attitude_Paint 03-14-2005 05:31 AM

question for halloweenking
Scott from Attitude Custom Painting here.
When you called twice when I was spraying in the booth to ask tech questions, we mentioned what we thought would be best for you to do. You need to check out the HOK chart....You mentioned you had.'s no trade secret....
You just pick out the base and candy you want, then spray it. You know it's tangerine because it says just pick a base!?

What you see on your monitor may be different that what anyone else may see anyway so it's best you choose the colors that *you* want.

Concerning on how many coats do you spray, you will need to ready the directions on how to paint the HOK paints. Usually it's 3 to 6 coats. Too many variables come into play for me to tell you one how many coats to spray.

Also, I really don't appreciate you posting your sarcastic comments on our business site, then add another one pretending to be someone else, then closing your membership.

By the way, just fyi,you didn't get an answer because you posted your tech questions in a guestbook type forum. You didn't login to see the main forums.

Take care....

Great forum
I've seen this site grow from way back when!!!
Good job!
Attitude Custom Painting

pichoboxing 03-20-2005 03:30 PM

attitude custom painting
scott all i wanted to know was the color scheme that you used on the ghost flames on jobs484,454,452 that is all but when i tried to call and ask some one told me you could not devote your secrets i dont know whats the big deal im not going to take any business from you im doing it my self and needed some help and advice from a pro like you here at hotrodders everybody gives advice without the worry about giving away secrets thats ridiculous scott but whatever i got no beef with you i just thought you were a different kind of person and some what helped the do your selfer

Rick WI 03-20-2005 05:18 PM

capital letters
sentence structure

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