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What you are looking at? well that is the big question isn't it!

When you drag your weld it also makes it more difficult to see what you are looking for, not only because the gun is in the way but because you cant see the mechanics of the things that are going on with your fill material.

Basic size rule: fillet weld should be equal to the material thickness say you are welding 1/4 plate butt joint, there is no need for a 1/2 weld because it can not be stronger than the parent material.

but if you are welding a 1/4 to 1/4 "T" then you can get away with 50% if you weld both sides.

what you are looking for is penetration, how deep the weld is going into the parent material, size, and an equal face, which means you want your weld to overlap both pieces of parent material equally. They may be tricky to understand with out looking at it. For example you want to weld both pieces together not weld one piece and let the weld roll over to the other, you can accomplish that by oscillating the filler metal within the face area. The root is important too but you really cant see that usually.

the only other thing i can add is don't take the push pull thing to literal, when I can i extend my arms as far as comfortable, slightly angle the gun head towards my body, and pull it to my self. I am right handed so I am pushing the weld from right to left its all in the head angle that determines if you are pulling or pushing. to pull the weld it would be the opposite angle away from my body and I couldn't see the weld because the gun would be in the way.

oh and you want to watch the filler metal contact the parent metal as best you can.

I hope that helped
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