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building small block Chevy

In regards to building the small block, my son and I built his '57 Bel Air as follows.
Bought a used 350". Bored it 30" over, Dart heads, (just over 10-1)
Edelbrock manifold, headers, Isky Z-20 solid lifter and good ignition.
The engine only puts out around 360 to 370 as lift was only around .455.
But, the secret was the drive train. My son wanted a very streetable car
but, like his Dad, didn't want to be second thru the intersection.
We put in a 4.11 12 bolt-posi. Then, instead of the 350 or turbo 400
trans, we put the 700R4. As you know, with 4.11s and regular street tires,
you're doing 3500 RPM at 70. With the 700R4, (30% OD), you drop to 2,450
and cruise nicely down the freeway. But the best advantage...the turbo 350
and 400 have a 2.48 first gear. The 700R4 has a 3.06. It would be the
equivilant first gear ratio, of putting 5.07's in the turbo trans car.
Needless to say, I pulled along side of him at an intersection in Southern Calif. I was in my '99 Vet - six speed. I notice his car "sat up" as he pushed
the gas and leaned on the brake. The light turned green. I shot thru the
intersection and was going to look in the rear mirror for my son. WRONG.
My front bumper was even with his right REAR fender wheel JUST THRU
the intersection. I drove with Dale Armstrong a few times so I know how
to launch, but this kid smoked me! I powered shifted to second, then into
3rd and at 107MPH, (3.42 gears) I powered shifted to 4th. At that point, I
was almost up to his door handle. The Vet ran very high 12's at 109. (sea
level) I would estimate my son's small horsepower Bel Air would be around
107 or so at 12.85 to 12.90. Not a lot of horsepower, but low gearing to move
3,500 pounds or so thru the intersection. Later that night over dinner,
he said, "Don't feel bad Dad. I smoked two Turbo Porsches thru the intersection but I shut off after grabbing second gear as here they come.
The dinner tasted better after that. So the 700R4 is fantastic off the line
with that first gear being SO MUCH lower... 4.11s X 2.48 = 10.16 first
gear ratio. 4.11s X 3.06 = 12.57 So 5.07 gears X 4.11s = 12.57. Good luck.
Is a Mustang II best front suspension for '55 pickup...anybody.. Stevechevy
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