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Questions for paint guys - body shop messed up my car

Hello everyone, this isn't a question for my hotrod beetle project, but instead my dd a 2009 cobalt that I just bought about 2 months ago.

To start things off about 2 weeks ago I waxed my car and the very next day I hit a deer and my car only had 2800 miles on it

See a post on a different site with pics at: Waxed and Wrecked

So I've herd from a few people that the body shop at the dealer I bought the car from was pretty good, and I had a good experience dealing with them when I bought the car, so much that we went back and bought a 2nd cobalt for my wife a week after I got mine.

So the body shop had to replace the fender, hood, and headlight and repaired the door and bumper, and of course paint all of the above.... Well except for the headlight

So when they finished it up I noticed that the inner window seal/scraper was missing along with a foam pad under the hood, the ambient temp sensor was dangling by the wires, and the headlight wasn't put in straigt. Then I got looking at the paint job, the hood and door looked good, but the bumper and new fender didn't. I could see scratches under the paint in the fender, and scuffs in the paint in the bumper and fender, and also some scratches in the A pillar that they didn't touch. There were also 5 or 6 spots where it looks like they got a spec of dirt in the paint and then had a miniature puddle build up. See a post about this on another site with pics here: bad body work pics

I took it back to them and they gave me a free rental and said they'd fix it. The guy I talked to thought the wet sanding was done incorrectly hints the scratches under the paint and the guy tried to buff them out and did the other damage.

So today I got a call from them saying it was done....... Again.......

I get there and first thing I do is open the door and the window seal/scraper was still missing!!! and it was the first thing I noticed last time and the first thing on there list of stuff to fix

I got pissed off at that point and then started pointing anything I could find wrong in the paint. They did buff out about 75% off the stuff I noticed last time, I couldn't see the scratches in the fender and it looked like the other scuffs and stuff were gone. But I could still see the scratches in the A pillar clear as day and now there were shinny specs in the area. They tried to buff out the scratches and first tried to tell me the shinny specs were the metalic in the paint, but its a non metalic black paint , then he said it was probably just polishing compound???? and those 5 or 6 dust specs/puddles were still there. He also said that any body shop would have a couple flaws here and there like those 5 or 6 spots, but with all the other problems I was going to ride there butts.......

They said they'd try to buff out those and get it back to me tomarrow, but we'll see what happens. I went and let my salesman know what was going on and he and the manager went over and chewed out the body shop guys because they are about to loose a customer that just bought 2 brand new cars from them, etc.... Here is a link to another post with more info on this trip: body shop try #2

So I'm not a paint expert, I've primed a truck I restore a few years ago, but had to sell it before I had to paint it, and I've also sprayed cheap tractor enamel on our hovercrafts but once again not an expert so I have a couple questions:

So first of all is it normal to have a couple flaws rather it bet dirt specs or what from any "normal" body shop like the guy was saying??? Or was he trying to cover his but???? I probably wouldn't have said anything about a couple barley noticable specs if it wasn't for eveything else.

Also are new cars like my cobalt painted with a bb and cc????? Or is it just a single high gloss paint??? If its a bb and cc they can do all the buffing in the the world and not take out the dirt/paint puddles without going through the clear correct????

Any other info or advice that you guys can give me to help fight with these guys to get my car back to the way it should be???

Thanks guys.....

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