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Lots of good info here, I'll add some more....

1. One thing that needs considered here is the fact that 10 years ago there were fewer people using the auto message forums. So if joe cam installer lost a cam in the small town of anywhere USA he would never have known about another failure across town... Now with the internet everyone knows instantly about your cam failure...... So there is a very good chance there are no more cams going flat now then there was 10 years ago... it's just that now we all here about it!!!!! Something to think about...

2. The point about the zinc additive is a very good one and something that needs to happen. Back when i started building engines. ( the late 70's) i always used the gm EOS. Then for some reason i got away from it. I had 2 cam failures during the time i did not use it. One was 100 percent my fault, the other i blamed on lifter problems.... So i am not sure the EOS would have helped but i do know i went back to using it 4 or so years ago and have not had a flat cam since.....

3. There was a rash of bad lifters floating around... One company was bought by another and one went out of business..the one or 2 that were left had quality problems and had a boat load of bad lifters in the market... that has been resolved. So even if you do everything correct during the install and break-in if you have a lifter that has no crown on the bottom it's not going to spin and that will destroy a cam.... You can blame the cam but it was really the lifters fault...

The cam going flat deal is crazy!!!! I have seen guys with 150lb seat, crank and crank and crank engines to get them running, and then run them for 2 minutes, over heat it, flood the cylinder with fuel, run water through the pan, and on and on and never loose the cam..... There is just no easy answer to it.....

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