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Quickfuel 750 SS Super Rich at Idle

Hey Guys, I'm having trouble getting my engine to idle above 10-11 a/f. I'm new to carburetors, but it seems like I'm getting way too much fuel at idle. So far I've adjusted the float levels to 1/2 height in the sight glasses, set the fuel pressure to 6.5 psi, and set the base timing to 14 degrees advance. Beyond this I'm not sure what to try next as I'm not having much effect adjusting the 4 corner idle screws. But, I do have the next week off of school and an air fuel ratio gauge so I'd like to try and sort this out so I can get this baby on the road.

It's my understanding that if the idle cannot be leaned out with the idle screws, then I'm going to have to change either the idle air bleeds and/or add fuel restrictors to the idle circuit. Or that at idle the mains circuit is kicking in leading to rich condition. Where do I start?

Engine specs as follows:
Carburetor is a Quick Fuel ss 750 with annular boosters
Primary Main Jet #68
Secondary Jet #80
Primary Nozzle #31
Secondary Nozzle #80
Idle Air Bleed 71/71
Highspeed AirBleed 33/33
6.5 Powervalve
Needle&Seat 110

331 w/ 185 cnc trickflow heads, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake,
Cam; Duration 293/ 290, Lift .542/ .563, 112 degree lobe seperation.
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