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jsrail 05-07-2013 10:09 PM

Rad/Condensor/E Fan & Shroud Distance OK?
I am currently installing a Classic Auto Air a/c system and electric fans in my '65 El Camino with a 350 and TH350 combo. It has a brand new 3 core radiator repro to OEM specs.

The a/c condensor:

The condensor has a gap between it and the radiator of about 1/2". There is no way to get around this as the core support opening doesn't allow for the condensor to butt up against the radiator. Is this okay? The condensor covers about 90% of the radiator surface so I believe I have good coverage there. But I worry that the 1/2" gap may cause the air not to flow good thru it and then thru the radiator. Should I build some kind of flaps to run along the sides to cover this gap? Or is it okay and I shouldn't worry about it?

The electric fans:

I've purchased a Spal dual 11" electric fans that cover all but about 1/4" along the bottom of the radiator. I think this should be good enough, better than most fans I see installed. But in order to get it mounted to the stock radiator flange (the '65 rads have double flanges, one side to mount to the core support and the other side to mount the stock shourd) it leaves a 1/4" gap along the top and bottom between the fan shroud and the radiator core. Also when mounted, the fans blades are about 1" from the rad core.

First, is the 1" distance between the fans and the core fine? The fans are in a shroud (its the Spal 30102052 fans). Next, does the 1/4" gap along the top and bottom need to be covered up? I was hoping I wouldn't need to add too much fab work and not have a clean looking set-up. But, of course I want it to work the best cause of the hellish AZ heat and the a/c running almost all the time.

Any suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance for your help.


vinniekq2 05-08-2013 06:36 AM

The older Nissan Path Finder uses rubber flaps to seal the edges of the rad.These are very easy to install and fit easily.The idea is to make all the air go through the rads and not past them on the sides.The rad support had a big gap on the sides and when A/C was installed it needed sealing in the gap area. The last a/c I installed in path finders was back in the early 90s,not sure how much they changed.

Roger Mabry 05-08-2013 10:39 AM

Use hard AC foam from Lowes to fill holes
2 Attachment(s)
I used metal pieces screwed around the radiator sides to block the air from
bypassing the radiator.

Then used 2" foam from Lowe's to fill the gap at the top of the condenser
and around the sides not filled by the metal pieces.

Works great and car run cool in heavy So Cal stop and go traffic with the
AC on!

See the before and after pictures - lightish gray foam is installed in these pictures.

sedanbob 05-08-2013 01:23 PM

As others said, cover the gaps between fan/shroud and radiator so all air pulled by fan comes through the radiator, not around it. 1/2" gap between condenser and radiator should be fine.

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