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Just got done working on the truss in my shop that needed to be raised higher (the other truss didn't have to be modified after all, it cleared the vehicle fine). I can tell you one thing, now I know why contractors charge so much to built what ever you need done or built. I still have a little to do. But all in all, I'm done. The only other thing that I "HAVE" to do is, I have to re-wire the whole side where the lift is. The wiring (for the lights and what not) was every where and I'm going to change that real soon.

FYI....A few of the reasons it took me so long was cause I kept changing the location of the lift (it wasn't bolted down yet is why I was able to keep moving it around). And I could not make up my mind about how I was going to build the support around the lift. I did have a support built around the lift that was made out of treated 4x4 lumber. But I wasn't happy with it, so I took it down and started over. I ended up using steel square tubing post (1.5 by 1.5) and for the top, I stuck with 4x4 lumber. You can see some of the support in one of the pictures (P5310003). Plus, I had trouble finding paint for the steel (paint that matched the lift). After I found the paint, I had to wait on the paint company cause they didn't have all the different paint codes to mix the paint.

So, this is where I'm at as of right know. Pictures can be found at the link below.

Ooo yes, "NEVER EVER", let me say that again, "NEVER EVER" try to wire up a 220v breaker without killing main power to the sub panel. My shop sub panel has 150 amp service going to it. It has three main wires that come into it from the house. Well, I decided to wire the lift motor without killing the power. I took the breaker switch and put it on the off position and popped it into it place in the panel. I striped the outer plastic off the wires and feed the three wires into the panel with no problems. First thing, I wired the ground in and then wired the black wire into the breaker with no trouble. All was left was the neutral wire to be wired in the breaker as well (220 breaker, both black and white wires are HOT). I took my screw driver and was loosing the screw (all I had to do was slip the wire under it and tighten it back down) and my screw driver slipped off the screw and I hit one of the main lines which I think is 50 amps. I had my left hand on the sub panel (which helped in grounding me out) and I was leaning forward to help loosen the screw. The screw driver slip and bammmmm. All I can remember was my feet getting blown out from underneith me. I've served in the Marine Corps and have [color=red]never[/color] felt pain like that before. The next time I need to wire something up in the sub panel. I'm making sure the sub panel has zero volts and amps going to it. And if it means blowing up the closest transformer, so be it. I WILL NEVER BE SHOCKED AGAIN.

Anyways, take a look at the pictures and let me know what you all think.

Thanks for your all's help.

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