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tetzlaff 09-18-2002 03:53 PM

raise the front end of the Chevelle
Hi Guys. I need to raise the front end of the chevelle. I want a 60's stance. I have Moogs in the front for springs and that did very little. I don't want spacers and I don't want to heat the coils. The chevelle is tubbed and has MT's on the back and Moroso's on the front. I'd like to get 3-4 inches. I know that's asking alot. I thought about dropping the rear end, but that is out of the question. Let me hear from Ya'll..t

KULTULZ 09-19-2002 02:32 AM

If you want to raise the front end, you are going to have to go to heavier springs than what came with the car. You need a spring catalog (or a knowlegeable sales person-or maybe talk to someone at a spring shop) to get a heavier spring, say out of a Chevelle station wagon of that period with a big block and A/C.

Custom springs can be made or ordered through a reputable spring shop. You can also use spacers (not the kind that go between the coils) that look like pads and the spring rests on them.

Heating a coil spring (a definate no-no as it weakens/fatigues the metal) will actually lower the car. If you put a custom set on and she stands too high, you use a cut off tool and take off a quarter of single coil until you arrive at the desired trim height.

Now once you have achieved the height/look that you desire, the front end geometry will have been changed. You have to consider shock travel and bump steer. All of this can be compensated for by a knowledgeable front end tech.

The cheap way out is to find an Olds or Cad in a salvage yard and measure spring diameter. Get a set that will fit in your spring pockets.

I would go with a custom set as it will cause you a lot less headache.

Don't forget to install new spring pads and whatever else is worn while you are there and you should do fine.

Don Meyer 09-19-2002 03:51 AM

NAPA has a catalog that has spring specs in it. It gives spring rate,free ht.,loaded ht.,od.,id.,wire diam.....etc Don
Ps - try a mid 70's station wagon.

bullheimer 09-19-2002 10:22 AM

i had that look goin on when i had the front of my tempest jacked up. it looks wicked. but i'm like you: screw the straight axle and moving the rear tires forward ala one HRM article. the springs out of a big block car, or custom ones allowing you to keep the front end stock sounds like the way to go. are you gonna get the fender-well exit headers too?

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