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Raising the Redline

Hello once again to the forum of car gods and goddesses

When a person does a search on roller cam* in the index the list is a mile long but i read them and still came out blurry. So here goes.

When a person wants to raise the redline of a motor, what is the most important step to beef up Rocker arms? valve springs? valve pushrods? Lifters? Piston Pushrods?

I understand the following: Roller lifters allow a steeper cam lobe profile allowing quicker open / close times, also 'cause their roller no break in period, less friction, allows higher RPM, Correct?

Roller rockers follow the same prinicipal correct (needle bearing type roller tip) roller = less friction between the top of the rocker arm and valve. However the 1.5 ratio means that the movement of the lifter pushrod will be translated to vertical valve movement at 1.5x the distance, the same for a 1.6 ratio correct?

stiffer valve springs create the need for more pressure to be applied by the valvetrain and prevent valve float at high rpm.

So provided all this what will allow for a higher RPM and how do all you guru's know what to set your motor at? I know cam's come with the card that says their rpm rating, but isn't that based at a stock valve train. Basically how far does one have to go to reach 5500, 6000, 6500 redline, before he spends more than the neighbor did on his new garage.

Thanks to everyone in advance.

Hollywooding :cool:
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