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I pretty much agree with you, but no point in making enemies of the purists. Just not your (our!) thing is all. In my case a reliable driver was most important. Now I find that I don't want a restored show car, I enjoy driving and at least lightly customizing/modifying my rides.

I just want to find a plain 56 or 57 Rambler four door sedan (those two years are virtually the same), install a GEN-1 AMC 327, and adapt a mid 70s Bosch EFI system to it. Rambler was the first to offer EFI in 57, but retracted it before only a few engineering examples were built. The early EFI computers (with tubes!) were slow, and it only worked well in temps between around 50 and 80 degrees. Chrysler put it on their plate later for the 57 model year, but I don't think they sold many -- if any. No EFI 57 Ramblers exist -- the 5-10 that were built were converted to 4V carbs and sold. Bendix (maker of the EFI) sold rights to their EFI system to Bosch. The early Bosch system is very much like the original Bendix, except with a transistor computer, and extra injector (basically as a "choke"), and I think one or two more sensors. I helped a guy change all the little hoses on his 72 Mercedes V-8 with EFI. There's a hose between each injector and the rail -- 16 clamps there, 4 tying the rails together, and I think 4 more connecting the main fuel inlet and return line. Might have been a couple more or less, but it was a LOT of little hoses and clamps! Now that car would be pretty much stock -- except for the "simulated" Electrojector system. Oh yeah, the 57 Rebel was the second fastest car available in 57. Only the mechanical injected Corvette could beat it at test runs at Daytona Beach. In the 50s there was a new car show down there where a lot of the new models were introduced to the press, and the press was allowed to test them on the beach. One of the big car mags (Road & Track or Car & Driver, I think) reported that the Rambler was the second fastest car there from 0-60 and in a quarter. Heck, the thing had 4.10 gears with a three speed + OD trans, and the 327! I don't recall if they tested an injected car or just the 4V model though. Only about 20 hp difference.

But your other post does lead me to ask what you plan on putting under the hood of the 65. Big block? I think I'm safe to assume it's a 65 American, not the bigger Classic?
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