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Rant....Mattel and China

I seen or heard where Mattel has issued a statement taking responsibility for the lead paint issue with China, and said it was there fault and that there designers had made a flaw. What the hell is up with that. China produced goods that were shipped back to the US consumer loaded with lead paint. So if Mattel is taking responsibilty for this mistake, does that not tell you that Mattel had total disregard for the United Stated and for the consumers because they knew up front that lead in paint is a major no-no on consumer products. Did they think that the people of the United States would not catch it. And what was up with the full blown investigation, heads will roll, China did it, Blah, blah, blah. Now Mattel is accepting full responsibility. Jeez, did Mattel think us dumb backwoods hilligans were too stupid to figure anything out? Then they make the statement that prices will have to be raised for the Christmas season to offset the money that they lost. That is where our government should step in and fine the hell out of them for trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Now a million baby cribs are being recalled for unsafe design, lunchboxes are being recalled for high contents of lead in them. And the only thing we are focusing on is lead in childrens items. What about adult items? Is there no lead in those products or is it classified as "safe levels"? People ***** at Walmart for catering to China (I am not defending Walmart) but what about all of the other stores around? I would say that almost (90+ % at least) every major manufacturer of consumer goods has the majority of their products made in China. Just look around your house and almost every item in there whether it is a table lamp, or a box of paper clips is made overseas. It's getting to the point that the only thing made in the US is higher end items that we use everyday. Automobiles. Take a look at most cars on the road, and the maker has a factory somewhere in the United States.
There was an article in out paper the other day although it was a nationwide article, about China stepping up effort to regulate the food industry, and it showed a small Mom & Pop operation being raided. The article stated that there were thousands of those types of operations that are illegal, yet they sell to the US. You know the SOB's don't like us, don't care for us, yet we put money into their pockets and for what good reason? And for the average person to do a test on a consumable good, would be next to impossible because of money. So it takes a few deaths before anyone to investigate. It should be done at the docks before the product ever hits the shelves but it isn't. So who is paying off who?
Well this did start out as a rant about Mattel, and I didn't mean to rattle on so much. But if Mattel made such an idiotic statement and expects us to buy it, it is only a matter of weeks before other major companies make the same statement and think we will buy it because Mattel got away with it. They figure if Mattel can say that and not get into trouble, then they can say the same thing. The world is run by Lemmings

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