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cheapo48chev 01-26-2002 06:25 PM

rat in a velle
wooohoooo just bought a very fresh as in never been fired 396 from my brother in law
nothing radical but a good street engine complete with a freshly rebuilt also never been run T.H.400
these came with 3 1966 impallas and a stack of recipts totaling more than 6000.00 and i got it all for the paltry sum of 2 grand gee dont i feel bad... naw not too bad
ok on to the question this will go into my 1970 chevelle and that car currently has a th350 in it what will i need to do to get the 400 electric kickdown to function? any ideas?

cheapo48chev 01-26-2002 06:31 PM

by the way yes i know i'm a dirt bag...

Roy Newton- exprotech 01-26-2002 09:28 PM

Yes I know just how to fix it leave the 350 in the car. It is a lot lighter and will work just as good.It has been proven a lot of times that this is true. Check my firebird on my garage site. It is on the race car pages and is a big block and i use juice. It has been in the car for 8 years. You just have to make a couple mods to the valve body and keep it cool.If you still want to put the 400 in let me know and i will tell you how to fix the passing gear.PS and you are a rat. ROY

cheapo48chev 01-27-2002 06:58 PM

yes i agree that the 350 would work just fine but here is the delima if i stick the th400 into the chevelle that will leave the th350 for my 48 sedan and wouldnt it be easier the fit the 350 into the sedan? or would it be about the same amount of hassle?
my thinking is that the 400 will bolt right to my crossmember in the chevelle and it should be a fairly painless operation what i'm worried about is that the 400 might be really close to the floor on my 48 or do you think it would clear?
or should i just trade for another 350?...

1meancuda 01-28-2002 12:00 PM

After hearing what Roy had to say, I would trade off the 400 and pick up another 350 and set them both up with trans coolers.

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