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IROC-russ 09-14-2004 06:22 PM

rattling at low or high rpm
my '86 IROC camaro started a slight rattle which has now turned into a more definite rattle when I am starting out in first, while the rpm drops as I let the clutch out, and then again when i near the redline, only today it started interfering with power however, i've noticed a major decrease in power, I thought it might be a worn U-joint and if so, it might not be too hopeless, but i don't really know what else it could be, any thoughts?

M&M CUSTOM 09-14-2004 06:43 PM

Can you figure out where you are hearing the rattle coming to the inside of the car. Is it like something hitting or rubbing the floor? or driveshaft? or where the rear springs mount to the uni-body?

Have you had the time to jack up the car and push, pull, pry, bang, pound, whatever else you can think of with different methods to try and get the same sound pinpointed to its source?

I deleted your other post that was essentially a copy of this one, as you had went back and edited it, it almost matched this one word-for-word.

IROC-russ 09-14-2004 06:54 PM

well the sound seems to be coming from just below me, or perhaps a little behind too, like a u-joint in the rear, but i havent had a chance to jack it up and take a look see just yet, because it only started a few days ago, also jacking up my car is usually quite a chore since its lowered almost to the ground, but I will give it a try next time I have some free time, as for the other message I screwed up the title and it wouldnt let me delete it so I copy and pasted it, sorry for the confusion and thanks for the reply

adam9741 09-15-2004 06:48 PM

How old is the exhaust on the car? I'm just wondering if maybe the rattle is the heat shield on top of the cat. converter and it's rusted apart. That would also explain the loss of power if the cat is rusting apart inside and limiting the exhaust flow.

IROC-russ 09-15-2004 11:50 PM

I actually got a brand new exhaust last summer, hooker comp headers and hooker cat back exhaust, and as for a cat, thats been long since replaced with a straight pipe, but you almost convinced me with that troubleshooting until I remembered the exhaust i got, today i didnt hear the rattling as bad but its still there, i was goin easy on er but i really gotta figure it out, its no fun at all

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