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Read Me: The Golden Rule

The moderators of this site and Jon, the administrator, have come up with this code of conduct for all members to follow. Please read it and heed it. Thanks to 4JawChuck for putting all our thoughts into one coherent statement.
The Golden Rule:

It has come to the attention of the moderating staff here at that a minor portion of the membership have been violating the membership agreement. Specifically we are referring to the portion of the agreement that refers to personal conduct on the board. This is a relatively grey area of the agreement you signed when you joined this forum and as such is rarely strictly enforced since it is universally regarded as a common sense rule that we assume you were taught as a child.

What am I referring to?

The Golden Rule, treat others as you would have them treat you. Pretty simple really but we are seeing an increase in members breaking the Golden Rule on a regular basis, we expect you as an adult member of this forum to remember this in your postings and not to incite or respond to other members with cruel intentions or words designed to provoke an escalating response.

We can all agree to disagree without inciteful language or name calling, otherwise the moderating staff will simply delete your comments and suspend your privileges for a period of time that we vote is appropriate. If that sounds like a "spanking and being sent to the corner" to contemplate your is. As your Mom/Dad might have said...we don't like doing it anymore than you like it.

The moderating staff all agree this is not a widespread problem, but it is a problem for some. We have a list of repeat offenders in a special thread in the moderating forum of those that may require special treatment because of their behavior. Needless to say it is as distasteful to us as it sounds, none of us signed up to become babysitters on the internet. We have not acted to date except in exceptional cases but as of today that is changing, this rule applies to your PM's to other members as well...we can't read what you say in your PM's to each other but if you are acting in the background and breaking the "Golden Rule" privately and the receiver complains to us about your actions we will act immediately and decisively.

If you are a bully in public or private on this board you will be suspended, perhaps permanently... I think everyone can agree no one deserves to be harassed on this forum...EVER! You are not anonymous on the web in spite of what you may have read.

My recommendation to all new and existing members is to look at each thread and respond to the OP (original poster) and limit your responses to them taking the golden rule into account. Arguing or name calling to other posters (or the OP!) in that thread means your doing it wrong...very wrong. Let the OP make the decision if your information is worth following or not, you have no right to decide if someones elses information is wrong or not and certainly do not have the right to make an issue with someone else postings in that might both be wrong. There are plenty of ways to correct a previous posters possible inconsistencies or inaccuracy's without starting a flame war. Proofread your posts prior to hitting that "Submit new post" tab, your words can be taken out of context if you don't.

In particular please treat newer members with respect, they are often young and impressionable and may have come from another forum where the rules are different and simply do not know what is acceptable here, in that case let us do our job and we will moderate as seen fit. We appreciate those who identify threads that do not fit into the forum etiquette such as threads that are obvious advertisements etc...but sending us notifications when a thread is "dumb" or if the poster appears to be spelling/language not necessary. We get enough e-mail to choke a large farm animal everyday and you letting us know if a member has spelling issues is none of your concern.

Please act as if your Mom would be reading what you write, maybe she is...remember we really hate being your MOM!

Thanks for listening, your contributions to this forum are extremely valuable and don't want your children to be reading how poorly you treated other people here...rather we would prefer them to look back and say;

"Wow he/she really knew their stuff, being able to go back in time and see what he/she was saying back then is great! Whats an internal combustion engine?"
"When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not." - Mark Twain

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