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home brew 09-20-2006 04:55 PM

Read this:Your safety is involved
I copied this from sonicweb's Journal. Thought everyone should keep an eye out for this type of information.

"Well, while working this weekend on the Studebaker truck, I was working on the body mounts and on the front of the box removing the unnecessary metal to work the front of the box back into it. It seems that I had got some metal in my eye and did not realize it. Yes I was wearing a face shield, but some managed to get past it. Well, went to bed that night, and swore there was something in the left eye. So I went to the bathroom and dug out a piece of grit stand from my lower eyelid. Went to bed. The next morning my eye was burring and sore. Sensitive to light, And looked like pinkeye. So I got some visine (thought it might be welders flash from welding) But no. On Sunday I could barely see. Went into a walk in clinic and the doctor attempted to remove 3 pieces of metal from my eye. She used a hypodermic needle to remove them got 2 of the three. The third one I had to go to a optomologist to have it removed with a drill....yes a drill. There was rust forming around the metal and it and the rust had to be removed. And it just so happens that the metal was dead smack center of the eye. So it's removed, I feel better but my eye is killing me. Not able to drive or see very well. Went to the doctor today and put more medicine in it. I am able to drive now, but will take about 10 days to heal. Lesson learned here is never assume that a face shield is enough! I will be buying some tight fitting goggles for any type of work that would cause debris. I don't care how stupid I look, I'd be more stupid when I am blind."

sonicweb - Hope you are feeling better and that eye has no permanent damage.

sonicweb is building a 47 Studebaker truck on a Dakota chassis. If you are interested to see what he is doing here is a link. 20forward%204%20steps%20back!

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Kim57 09-20-2006 05:06 PM

Thanks for the post homebrew. Thats excelent info to keep in mind.

1931 steve 09-20-2006 05:30 PM

I learned the hard way three times. Glad its not three times and your out (or in this case blind) All three times had to have the opthamologist remove the metal. My hearing is paying the price also. So many years in the shop and thinking I'm not hurting myself by not wearing the right protective gear :spank:


Rambo_The_Dog 09-20-2006 06:01 PM

I've been working on cars 30+ years - mostly wore my safety stuff and didn't have any problems.

Twice within a 3 month period last year and wearing a full face shield I managed to get junkin my eye for the first time that required visits to the eye doctor.

I waited only 2 days the first one and after the tonque lashing I got from my eye doctor got the second one done immediately. My doctor said the sooner you get it out the better even if I have to call him in for an emergency visit - he said he'd do it. That should tell you how important it is to not wait!

kenseth17 09-20-2006 06:04 PM

Even with glasses or a shield, metal can find ways around or fall into your eye. A guy I use to work with had to go get a piece of metal that had rusted out of his eye, he said they used a little grinder. Guess you will know when you got something in there. He said he didn't even know he had anything in his eye till the next day. Another guy at work just went to the hospital last week after grinding fiberglass and getting some stuck in his eye. Guess its harder for them to see that when its in your eye. I have contacts so they get irritated in my line of work with all the dust, paint, but been lucky haven't had had anything get in my eye which required a trip to the hospital. I did fall asleep with my contacts in years ago and got pink eye. That was miserable and couldn't wear contacts for a few weeks. That tiny little bottle of drops for your eye, antibotic, was $30. I can only imagine how much it would be now with the way costs and health care is today.

Classix_Lover 09-20-2006 06:12 PM

Had the same thing happen to me a while back. Was cutting rotors on the lathe at work without goggles.. :nono: I always stood pretty far back though and never looked real close at it while it was making the cut, just stood back and made sure everything was cutting alright. Took a shower that night and my left eye felt a bit irritated but I thought it was just an eyelash bothering me since it does happen alot. Started gettin worse and I looked harder into my eye to see what was wrong and sure enough, a tiny little piece of metal made it into my eye. I managed to pluck it out with some tweezers lol, takes a steady hand and hard to keep your eye open but I managed after a few tries. :thumbup: Although I got the piece out, had to go visit the optimologist to pluck out the rust still in there. :pain: It didn't hurt at all though when they took it out and the sooner you get it out, the better because I went right back to work the same day I had them pluck that bastard outta my eye. :D I wear those ridiculous looking goggles where it basically leaves a mark all around your eyes when you take it off but whatever will keep that crap out is fine with me. I'm really paranoid still about getting crap in my eye.

zonk 09-20-2006 07:01 PM

I had to go to the doctor to get steel out of my eye, he put some type of fluid in then shutoff the lights ,black light so he he could see what he was after, I couldn't believe what it felt like to pull small piece off my cornea.Only use tight goggles when grinding after that.Especially lying down lookingup.If you have to wear safety garments at your work place,, use it at home.

weirdbeard 09-20-2006 07:14 PM

Yep! Me too! I waited two days and finally went to the doc. The metal was gone but the rusty eyeball had to be drilled out. The lil doc lady said she had never seen such a big guy be such a wimp! I was squirming all over. :rolleyes:

Kevin45 09-20-2006 07:36 PM

I think what they use is called a drill (same aws a dentist uses) but instead of drilling the eye itself they use a grinding disc to grind and polish the rust out. If you have a piece of metal inj your eye, you have about a day and a half to get it removed before the rust ring sets in and you will have to see an opthamologist to get it taken care of. Not cheap if you have to pay out of your pocket. The bad thing is that everytime I get metal in my eye is when I have my safety flasses on. Mine are Harley-Davidsons safety glasses and they wrap around the sides and cup towards the top and bottom. Nice fitting glasses and confortable, but it seemm a chip will get behind and bounce off the lens and smack into the 'ole eyeball. Of course within five minutes you have managed to embed it further by trying to get it out, and you eyelid is scratched all to pieces along with the nose starting to run like crazy!!!!

302 Z28 09-20-2006 07:51 PM

Good thing is, that once you get the stuff removed the eye is one of the quickest healing parts of the body.


powerrodsmike 09-20-2006 08:17 PM

I have gotten more stuff in my eyes with face shields and goggles than I have with plain old glasses. One time a peice of gelcoat got under the goggles somehow and in one eye. When I went to pull the goggles off, they slipped out of my hand and snapped back into my other eye. They were covered with grinding dust so that got all jammed into my other eye as well.
I went to the doc in the box and the guy scraped my eyes with a big needle :pain:

I went one time with a sliver of steel right in the center. They dug it out with a tweezer and then used a little round bur on a die grinder to grind out any remains of steel that might have stayed and rusted.

I keep q tips in my shop. When I get junk in my eye I just wet the qtip and swab it around on my eye until it catches the chip or whatever and pulls it off. It works 95% of the time.

One time I went to bed and woke up with a sliver in my eye. I guess it was in my hair.

Later, mikey

ChevyThunder 09-20-2006 08:35 PM

So uhh after reading that I think Im going to start wearing safety stuff more....... Kinda scares me now...

weirdbeard 09-20-2006 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by powerrodsmike
One time a peice of gelcoat got under the goggles somehow and in one eye. When I went to pull the goggles off, they slipped out of my hand and snapped back into my other eye. They were covered with grinding dust so that got all jammed into my other eye as well.
I went to the doc in the box and the guy scraped my eyes with a big needle :pain:

Later, mikey

I am sorry Mike but that is to funny! :D :D

powerrodsmike 09-20-2006 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by weirdbeard
I am sorry Mike but that is to funny! :D :D

Well that ain't the funny part, The day I did that I was hanging a set of doors on a 34 coupe . There was some big C-clamps sticking out from the body at the top of the door.

So I am blind in both eyes and stumbling toward the front of the shop to find help and walked right into one of those clamps. It put a big frikken red bindi on my forehead and knocked the clamp off and the door fell on the ground.

That was funny :D


grouch 09-21-2006 12:53 AM

I've had to have steel slivers removed from my eyes twice; both times from drilling overhead on a construction job. Those hurt too bad to put off going to the doc. I guess it was due to the ragged edges of the chips from drilling. The first time it happened, reflexes had me rub the eye. Bad move! That just saws more tissue and like Kevin45 said, you nose starts running like crazy. The second time it happened I kept my hands away except to yank off the goggles (company never did provide good ones).

Looks like quite a few folks know what sonicweb has suffered.

Get well soon.

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