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ron396 07-15-2002 06:31 PM

rear brake drums
Has anyone got any tricks to get off (rear)brake drums that have been on so long they feel like they're welded on?

johnnymopar 07-15-2002 06:42 PM

just keep banging! eventually they will come off.


Jim Weeks 07-15-2002 07:49 PM

Johnnymopar is right. If all you have is a small 16 oz carpenter's hammer, you probably won't get it off with that. Bang all around the edge with a mini sledge hammer, and it will eventually come off.

brad_man_72 07-15-2002 09:06 PM

try to take apart from back, slave cylinder, spring pins, ect. and keep hitting with hammer

SJFast 07-16-2002 03:54 AM

Don't be beating on a cast iron brake drum with a hammer. Hit the shoulder on the end of the axle while applying pressure to the drum from behind with a pry bar and the drum should loosen. Also, soak that area with Liquid Wrench....several applications over a period of time. This has always worked for me.

FASTFORD 07-16-2002 12:51 PM

or rent a drum puller.doesnt always help,just might give the leverage you need to get it starting to move.g`luck

beetle9 07-16-2002 12:55 PM

be sure and get the penetrating oil in around where the lugs extend through the drum and arund the ring on the axle end that extends through. This is usually where the sticking occurs. Also, be sure you have adjusted the shoes out of the way. There may be a lip on the drum if its worn badly. Other than that, a torch might help, but it would fry the grease and probably ruin the seal. If none of the above works, put something blunt on the end of an air chisel and vibrate against it. This might break it loose. One of the above will work, keep at it.

joegaddy 07-16-2002 01:04 PM

All of above has worked for me at times, one more thought, grind off the "head" of the retaining pins on the back of the backing plate.
This might allow the shoes to come with the drum.
Just be as stubborn as the drums, you'll win.

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