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oldcarguy85 01-07-2002 04:08 PM

rear drum brakes
I have a 53 ford that i am planning on usign the stock rear end in ( at least til i can buy a new 9"). anyway i was wondering if anyone knew where i coudl get the parts to rebuild the brakes, or upgrade them or soemthign. Could i use modern drum brake parts or soemthing? I m planning on getting a disc brake conversion kit from butch's rod shop (i think thats teh name). i was planning on using a mustang master cylinder. What year master cylinder should i get? Also any info on teh gear ratios for that year on the rear end would be greatly appreciated.

THanks a lot

p.s. - the main thing i mtryign to go for here is not having to buy brake parts from dennis carpenter, because his crap is like original type crpa and its very expensive.

liquid_larry 01-07-2002 04:44 PM

I would check with your local parts stores like napa they would most likely have to order what you need but should be able to get parts for your car. Since I don't know what condition your brakes are in now or how long its been since the car has been drove it's a hard question to give a simple answer to. For your rear brakes get your drums turned,new hardware, springs and etc.,new brake shoes,and either rebuild or replace your wheel cylinders.While you have the drums off check for any grease leaking which would indicate bad axle grease seals, also look over your brake lines to be sure they are not rusted through. The safest way is to do everything now so you don't have prolems later.

57Chevyman 01-08-2002 04:16 AM

I agree! Try your local auto parts store. Not so long ago a friend of mine had a 57 chevy and was able to get all of his brake parts this way. I was even able to get a correct ignition lock for my car from the local parts store. I usually have better luck with the independent parts stores that still look things up in books. I have never had good luck with the corporate stores like auto zone or pep boys when it came to old cars.

poo 01-08-2002 09:41 PM

these guys are right on point. Just keep in mind you should never scrimp on the braking system for any reason. NAPA is a great source for the parts. Also, if you are planning rear end swap and opting for disc setup keep in mind you'll need to plan for the appropriate dual master cylinder and an adjustable proportioning valve.Good luck partner.

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