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56 3100 01-06-2005 06:52 PM

rear four link on 56 chev stepside
hi fellow rodders. new to this forum. but not to hot rods.did numerous searches but no luck. my question is i want to put a fair amount of power in my 56 chev stepside[450hp+]. iam going mustang II front. does any one have any pics they can show me of a 55 to 59 chev/gmc stepside with rear four link similar to heidts or tci any help would be great ! great site lots of very good info. :thumbup:

advanced design 01-09-2005 09:09 PM

56 3100,

Welcome to Hotrodders. Here is some pictures of a '56 Scotts built with a 4 link rear on air.

Good luck with your project.

knuckles 01-09-2005 09:36 PM

4 link
i don't have a picture for you but i know that has a universal 4 bar set up that can handle agood amount of torque.i used thi setup on my 94 fullsize chevy with a 383 stroker and had no problems.
i hope this will help you good luck

56 3100 01-12-2005 06:46 PM

four link
thanks advanced design and knuckles. trying to get some good views with stock frame. i seen the scotts truck on rides when it was on. :thumbup:

56 3100 03-02-2005 05:35 PM

any one else have any pics of of four link rear on a55-59 chev truck?

IROC100 03-02-2005 07:44 PM

I've got some of my 55 f100, not much differance in frames. I'll scan them in and post them if you want to a Ford. I used a Heidts and it works just fine. Let me if you want them.

56 3100 03-03-2005 05:33 AM

that would be great iroc :thumbup:

IROC100 03-07-2005 06:01 PM

56 3100, I haven't for got about you, I just got done with a job and will have some free time to find a good pic for you. I have some but you couldn't really see anything. I just have to dig them out. I should have something for you tomorrow.

56 3100 03-08-2005 06:00 AM

no problem still debating the idea.some 29x18.50S for sale here reasonable and i have narrowed a couple of housing before so i am trying to decide to go pro street or not :confused:

Hotroddder 03-08-2005 10:40 PM

Here is what I built for my 56 Chevy.....
9" ford with a long 4 bar for a better ride, and a watts link for locator.....

56 3100 03-09-2005 05:05 PM

thanks for pics hotrodder..

IROC100 03-09-2005 05:46 PM

here is the only good one I could find, didn't have my digital back then. Not as good as Hotrodders. this is a heidts and it works fine. :thumbup:

56 3100 03-11-2005 02:04 PM

no see pic iroc?

IROC100 03-11-2005 04:28 PM

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Ok lets try this again. I thought it was there, sorry. :spank:

advanced design 03-15-2005 02:10 PM

56 3100

Just stumbled across this installation article and thought you might find it interesting.

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