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hotrod389 12-02-2005 11:25 AM

the rear section of a 31 chevy 5 window coupe
i picked up a car a month ago as a pile of parts all stacked on top of eachother.
the cowl are from a 1930 olds, the rear section is a 31 chevy 5 window coupe.
can anyone give me a couple of dimentions so that i can build the rear body frame?

i need:
1, the tail pan dimentions(length and width)
2, the dimention underneath the body (outside to outside) right above the rearend.


baddbob 12-03-2005 07:48 AM

WOW, you aren't starting with much there! I don't have the measurements you're after but if I were were you I think I'd research buying a replacement lower panel to establish the rear body width or you could also just find or buy a replacement decklid to establish the rear body width. Once you know where the quarters need to be spreadwise then you can cross measure the top in several places throughtout the length of the body and also cross measure the floor area to keep everything is squared up then start making the parts that are missing...hope that made sense. Work the project directly on the floor if it's flat and level or consider building a temporary table, trying to do it on a frame is going to be a PITA. Once you've got all the sheetmetal squared up, braced, and fitted then move it to the frame and construct the floor. Just some suggestions.
I've got the rearend of a 29modelA coupe and the front of a late 20's Whippet that I've been thinking about putting together- I did a quick cut and mocked them up together and the lines actually come real close to perfectly aligning with better proportions than a stock A coupe, metal condition is just a bit better than yours judging from your pics. All I need is more time, someday....
Good luck with the project, hang in there cause it's going to be a long road. Bob

baddbob 12-03-2005 07:51 AM

I'm sure there's got to be some sheetmetal around the Northern California area for this project, anyone here got any parts this guy can use???????
Even if they're just for mockup... Bob

46chevyfleetline 12-03-2005 10:35 AM

Try checking the dimensions of a s10 frame.They pretty good on the mid 30's chevys. Just a thought.

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