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96lt4c4 11-27-2012 10:08 AM

Rebuilt 4L60E, having issues.
I have rebuilt several of these and usually have good results. I take my time and check everything. The one I just built came out of a 93 Z71. It had the 3-4 clutch burnt up in it. This trans had been gone through before about 10 years ago the owner told me. I found a few shady things on tear down, missing screens, wiring harness clips broke, and the main plug silliconed into the case.

I did a lot of upgrades to this trans because the owner pulls a heavy trailor,

8 Clutches in 3-4
Sonnax Heavy pump slide spring
Sonnax .490 boost valve
Sonnax super hold 4th servo
New transgo sep plate
Plastic check balls
Sonnax pinless 1-2 3-4 and froward pistons
Beast shell
29 elemet double cage sprag
Sonnax check ball capsule for 2-3 shift
Had the pump resurfaced
New seal kit
New wiring harness
New converter

All the clutches besides the 3-4 were in good shape so I left them in. The only thing I did that I normally do not do is used the angle cut teflon seals (700R4) style on the pump stator that seats in the reverse input drum. I also used cut seals on the input shat. But, they are a newer style that have a notch interlocking type cut.

Anyway the trans seems to slip intermintent in reverse. It does drive forward but does not shift into 3rd. I can brake tourqe it in OD and it will chirp the rear tires. Sometimes it will brake tourqe in reverse. I put a pressure gauge on it and it showes about 65-70 psi at idle. It does not raise much if any in reverse. In OD it will jump way up to 200 or more if I brake tourqe it. The other wierd thing is in park it acts like its in gear, the engine will not rev like its in P or N. I have never seen one do this, I checked the linkage under the truck and its right.

I air checked all the clutches when I put it together and everyting seemed fine. I know the low reverse clutch is holding good because with a rubber tiped nozel it checks good, turns on and stay on until I remove the nozel. I am thinking a problem in the reverse input drum, cut lip seal during instal or the angle cut stator shaft seals to the reverse input drum. Any other ideas?

96lt4c4 12-01-2012 09:04 PM

3-2 downshift solenoid clip was gone, solenoid popped out of the valve body. I bought the valve body from a local trans supply shop. It was a "known good used" part. It had all the solenoids on it. I figured they had tested everything so I stuck my new Sonnax parts in and stuck it on the trans. Never even thought to check for clips missing.

I had my mind set on it being the Teflon rings so I pulled the trans without removing the pan, and tore the trans down. I was inspecting the valve body and the 3-2 downshift solenoid fell out. The forward clutch got just a little toasty so I replaced it. I also used the solid rings on the pump and input shaft, then resized them.

Just drove it about an hour ago, she drives and shifts really nice..:D

pricesgarages 12-02-2012 02:36 PM

if u caught it quick enough your ok but when that soleniod comes out it dont take long to burn up the rev clutches been there

96lt4c4 12-02-2012 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by joshp83 (Post 1618283)
if u caught it quick enough your ok but when that soleniod comes out it dont take long to burn up the rev clutches been there

Low reverse clutch and reverse clutch in reverse input drum looked fine. Forward clutch was just a tad burnt.

96lt4c4 12-02-2012 07:00 PM

It never did go in reverse, but did go forward. Only drove a mile.

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