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Originally Posted by CrashFarmer2
My kids tell me an El Camino is a redneck hillbilly ride. What is your opinion?

Anyone should be proud to know a hillbilly or redneck. I think somewhere along the way the stereotype as lost its actual definition. The term "Redneck" comes from different sources over the ages. It dates as far back as the Scottish/Irish immigration to America. It was a nick of sorts for a proud, hard working group of people with a history of overcoming insurmountable odds and enduring poverty and famine. Also, has roots to the American coal miners in West Virginia. They would wear a red bandana to help keep the coal dust out. Ever heard of "black lung"? I am very proud of my Scottish/Irish heritage. Sounds to me like a proud, hard working group of people that helped make this country great. And this leads me to the term "Hillbilly". This term, also Scottish/Irish, is said to originate in Ireland as a definition of King William protesant supporters within the land acquisition and retention for King William. William a.k.a 'Billie" . So really...if you call some Rednecks a Hillbilly....and just might be an insult. Another definition came from The New York Journal....defining once again....Scottish/Irish immigrants to the Alabama a laid back dont give a dang kind of people. You know what....I'll take them any day. I use to want to get away from the Ozarks....but once away.....I wanted to come back home. Now I'm here to stay! So once again....sound like a proud group of people....hard working American's now. Proud to be both! Oh....and I'm not insulted..... Just giving a little history lesson. I heard my uncle for soo many years trash talking hillbillies/ in school I made it one of my term papers to define the two. In the process of research....I had to let poor uncle down a bit....and let him know he too was a redneck/hillbilly.

Originally Posted by trees
Just to set the record straight, I am a proud redneck hillbilly and can throw rocks all day. Crash, ask your kids for a definition of "Redneck Hillbilly" so we can send a few stones their way. Now as far as El Camino's go, I have never owned one, but have spent many miles in the passenger seat and a few behind the wheel, with a couple of dog boxes in the back traveling from field to field hunting quail and pheasant. As long as the weather is good, this is a luxury ride. The 72 SB 400 was a pretty good grocery getter and bass boat towing rig. The 65 396 was a fun ride as well. One of my redneck Bud's 78 is a sleeper with a 94 Vette motor professionally installed under the hood.

Stovebolter, the 36 Chevy you are referring to was not a US made vehicle. We can thank the Aussies for the "Ute". They are really neat vehicles and were way ahead of our 64-78 El Caminos and Rancheros that sort of copied them.

Yes Trees....they did look neat....and versitile. I had an old advertisement that I found in the attic of my first home. Seems the fella before me had a real interest in them. I'll try to find it, scan it, a post it here.

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