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WakBordr7387 05-16-2006 01:50 PM

Refinishing plastic, kinda....
Well as some of you may know, I had my car broken into and my cd player stolen and the plastic on my dash is broken pretty good.
For a new dash peice, it will cost me $125 for a peice of plastic just because it is for a corvette!! :pain:
Im thinking of glueing the peices back togather and trying to refinish it to look as close to origianl as I can. Its black and it doesn't really have the grainy plastic texture to it, its real slick and shiney.
I was thinking of wetsanding it some, but becuase of it being broken and getting glued back togather it may not look quite right. I plan on wetsanding another peice that wasn't broken but also cost quite a bit to be replaced.
Does anyone know of any kinda of plastic primer or anything that might be able to build of the surface and sanded down or painted or anything like that?


OneMoreTime 05-16-2006 02:19 PM

i think you can get bulldog adhesion promotor at wally world so i have been told..Maybe get one of the cheapy plastic welders from HF and you are on the way to fixing that thing..Once you use the promotor your regular primers and paint will work fine..


vicrod 05-16-2006 03:05 PM

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You will need to ID the type of plastic you have.
See attached guide.

If it's polypropylene, you will need a special product. Nothing at your Home Center will work. Trust me.

The thing that will work is FUSOR 143 (Lord products).
This stuff is used to repair plastic bumper covers.

It's sold in small quantities by
The minimum (kit) is around $60.

You may need to build a jig to hold everything in place while you apply the "glue" and to allow it to cure.

The Home Centers have a plastic primer that will permit the use of any (rattle can) paint.


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