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Originally Posted by Harley Monster
I am building a new engine for my '36 Ford (SBC) and I would like to have clean (No Breather/pcv valve), vintage valve covers. I am going to use a Barry Grant Old School Six Shooter intake manifold that has no provisions for an oil fill nor a place to drill for one as the early Chevys had.

Do any of you have any experience with a remote breather/oil fll?

I have an extra polished aluminum power steering reservoir with an O-ringed top and a fitting on the bottom to supply fluid to the pump. I am considering using this for an oil fill by installing a fitting on the oil pan and run a braided hose to the reservoir to be used as a vent/oil fill. This could be mounted on the firewall or inner fender panel. This would also be the fresh air source for the PCV system as well as a place to add oil.

The engine PCV valve could be put any place that is exposed to crankcase pressure on the top side of the engine or manifold and connected to a vacuum source.

These are my preliminary thoughts on this...anyone have a better idea?

Harley Monster
This could be made to work, but! It takes careful design and execution.

- The hose into the pan must always be above the oil level, otherwise it cannot act as a breather.

- Lots of oil is flying around the bottom end which is why the factories don't typically put breathers there as it's hard to separate the oil aerosol from crankcase vapors. Breathing from the valley under the intake and or rocker covers gets around that problem which is why the factory likes those locations. So the tube from the pan will have to be carefully baffled to prevent oil from coming up with the vapors.

- Once you have a design that separates oil from vapors then a plain ordinary PCV valve connected to a manifold vacuum source is simple enough.

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