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Fantastic, you are the guy I need to be talking to! I want to use the BG Six Shooter Old School manifold and carbs on this engine...but would love to have the non-breather valve covers. I am sure this is not the first time this has come up using your manifold and I would like to know your recommended solutions.

Two problems to overcome:

1. Oil fill: You suggest using the plug above the oil filter...I will have to check my block (late model roller cam, 4 bolt), it is at the machinist's shop. I assume this is not an oil pressure port and if used the oil will only drain back into the block.

2. PCV valve/breather: I want to run a PCV valve to keep the crankcase pressures down for better ring seating, potential leaks, etc. Is there a provision on this manifold for a PCV valve? Would the vacuum source be a carb base or somewhere else on the manifold. Are these provisions cast into the manifold or would I have to machine sources? Do the carb bases have vacuum sources? I will not need the vacuum for vacuum advance due to the distributors you recommend, all MSD on your list are mechanical advance.

I was considering using this spare power steering remote reservoir for a combination oil fill/breather. It is a nice looking piece, has a drain in the bottom to normally supply the PS pump, I could weld another fitting near the top below the O-ringed cap to the vacuum source with an inline PCV valve. I could plumb the drain to the boss on the block that you mentioned. What do you think?

If this is feasable, I think it would be a functional solution and allow me to use the old timey, clean, non-vented valve covers such as Cal Customs or early Corvette to complete the "look."

Where are cusomers mounting their coils when using this manifold?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

ALSO, I am having a problem finding a dealer that has the Old School set up. Any suggestions there? Are these manifolds being shipped now?

THANKS for your help!

Harley Monster
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