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lori-due 11-20-2003 07:54 PM

Remote starter solenoid
Has any one ever used a remote starter solenoid and how do you like it ??????-------Does a remote starter solenoid replace the solenoid that sets on top of your ac delco starter?---Thanks Guys.

winnie69 11-20-2003 08:08 PM

Works great. Original solenoid is kept mounted to starter, but wiring from key to coil passes through remote solenoid. The pos. bat. cable is routed from remote solenoid to original solenoid to make loop. I forget some of the wiring particulars b/c it has been a while.

Our application is in a SB Chevy stuffed in Ford Anglia street rod. Original GM solenoid is so close to header we had a hard time starting when engine was hot. Remote Ford solenoid solved problem.

lori-due 11-20-2003 09:57 PM

Thanks winnie69 for your reply.---The reason i asked was that i put a new starter on my 69 vette last year and the solenoid is gone from the heat from the headers.---I just was thinking if i add a remote starter solenoid i could leave the starter with its attached solenoid on the car and than add a remote starter and it would save me the time of removing and buying a new starter with solenoid. .---And the new remote starter solenoid would be removed from under the headers.----Thanks Again.

dollybud 11-21-2003 07:54 AM

Check out starter solution on PAGE 8 of this forum. I've never had a problem since. Let us know.:)

hiimed 11-21-2003 09:02 AM

Check out:
Look up "Start-em-up Kit" in there catalog. I have this kit on my "49 Chevy truck (350/350) and it works great.

lori-due 11-21-2003 05:58 PM

Thanks for your reply hiimed.----Great site--www.mad---Will keep in my favorate places.------------------------------------------------------------Thanks dollybud for your reply.----Check page 8 out and found some great info.---Which one of the solution did you use to correct your starter problems?----Thanks again

Question?---My starter solenoid is malfunctioning -----The starter solenoid is by-passing the high resistence wire between the ignition switch and the positive (+) side of the coil.----Now by adding a remote starter solenoid-- will this fix the problem or must i replace the exsiting solenoid and starter motor before i add the remote starter.----Thanks Guys

hiimed 11-22-2003 06:22 AM

Chances are that the wire going to your solenoid is just getting too hot to allow electricity to pass through it. The remote solenoid will fix that. I don't know if you are having this problem all the time or just when it gets hot. Either way you will have to get to your starter and disconnect the wires and also add a jumper from the large hot terminal to the "S" terminal. If you are wanting to add a remote solenoid so that you won't have to mess with getting into your starter, this isn't the answer. I know that vettes are mighty snug under the hood. The remote solenoid can be installed up away from the headers where the air is much cooler.

dollybud 11-22-2003 07:34 AM

I wired mine up just the way it is posted. I bought it from Madelectric but it would not work correctly with a buss bar connected on the starter solenoid because its a Delco mini starter.Hiimed is correct in saying you still need the starter solenoid as well as the remote. Either way,take the starter off, have solenoid checked and then add the remote one. MAKE sure all grounds are good!:thumbup:

lori-due 11-22-2003 05:21 PM

Thanks guys for the great replies..........

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