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neverfastenuff 10-20-2008 06:26 PM

Removing heads
I tore into my 383 sbc and discovered a few things and would like your opinions. First some of the roller rocker arms were making contact with spring/retainer and now the aluminum rockers have a small divot in them. Can I smooth these out with a dremel and reuse them? The divots are maybe 1/16th deep and again not on all of the rockers, I believe the contact probably was made when I had it wound tight 5500 plus??? Two can you reuse the rocker arm nuts/polylocks? Engine has less than 6500 miles on it. Has anyone heard of Engine Works products are they china stuff? Probably will have more questions this week so thanks for the help.

327NUT 10-20-2008 08:24 PM

First of all you need to find out WHY the rockers were hitting the retainers, too much valve lift? rockers that aren't made properly...etc. I would say yes, you probably can smooth them out but I wouldn't take the chance, have them checked for proper ratio.

Also think about where the material is that used to be on the rockers????...circlating around through your engine? Yes you can reuse the standard nuts but why bother, they are very cheap. Polyloc's are reusable....and your last question...what isn't made in China.

DoubleVision 10-20-2008 08:31 PM

I`ve seen in several cases where the rockers have to be clearenced so they don`t make contact. Usually a carbide cutter was used then checked and rechecked until enough clearence was created. Usually the contact shows up during the mock up assembly and all the rockers are checked. But I suppose it could have occured at a upper rpm blast. I can`t say I have heard of engine works stuff so I can`t give a opinion on them.

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