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RObs71Nova 01-21-2005 10:09 PM

Replacing Intake Manifold Questions
Hi guys. Tomorrow I am going to be replacing the intake manifold on the 454 in my 71 Nova. I just had a question about pulling the distributor out. I have done this swap before, but last time there was another mechanic there to do all the "technical" stuff. Ive been doing some research and I have mostly everything down pat except the removal and installation of the distributor. Is it something I can simply mark the locations where it was, take it out, then drop it back in when everything else is done? Or is there a little more to it then that? If someine kinda of give me a step by step guice on how to do it I would be VERY grateful.

Also, my intake manifold gasket set came with the two actual manifold gaskets, and one shorter piece of black rubber gasket that im assuming either goes on the front or the back of the intake, inbetween the intake and the block. Do I really need to put that gasket on? Or can I just make a really think beed of RTV on those two areas and I should be fine?

As always, ANY info you guys can share would be greatly appreciated.

Rob 01-21-2005 10:37 PM

The simple thing to do is just before you start the removal project is remove the dist cap. Tap the starter, bring the distributor rotor around so that it is pointing to the firewall area.. Take a marker and a straight edge and mark on he firewall exactly where the rotor points. Then mark the outside of the dist housing. Remember where both marks point. WRITE IT DOWN. Then take the battery cables off and do not rotate the motor!!

Pull yout dist out. replace your intake. I use RTV only on the ends (as did the factory in later production) it won't accidently slide out and over the back!

When you replace your distrib, line everything up as you slide it in. BUT, just as you get to about the last inch. Back the rotor up about 3/8". then drop it in. (the drive gear has an angle to it and if you try to install the dist without backing the rotor up, it will always be a tooth off). when the dist seats on the gasket, and the lines are correct it will be just as you removed it. tighten down and relplace the wires. If it won't go down the last 1/2 inch or so, the oil pump drive is just a bit off, and you will have to take a long screwdriver, reach down into the dist hole and move the slotted shaft just a little bit. repeat process untill dist drops in hole and everything lines up.. get er Done!!

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