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sifua 05-24-2002 07:04 AM

Replacing Rear End (Choices)
I want to replace the rear end in my 36 Dodge Sedan with a more modern one. How do I start and what do I look for? Obviously, I am new at this.

F-1Rodder 05-24-2002 08:18 AM

Your car is narrow, so you will need to find one from a mustang or camaro that is narrow enough to fit in there as stock or narrow a rear end to fit. Other considerations are the amount of power being applied and weight and traction of the car. If you don't make over 350 hp or so, many of the smaller rearends will work with a light car that does not run slicks.

Narrowing is not so big a deal. I started with a GM 12 bolt from a junk yard for $60 and narrowed it 8" at home. Ordered axles for $225 and bought a new posi unit from Powertrax for $275. This will withstand huge horsepower. Or you may get lucky with a first generation Camaro or Mustang that will slide right in there for $60.

beetle9 05-26-2002 05:36 PM

You need to think ahead in many of the decisions you will be making as very often, one thing is related to or depends on another. Pick out the rear end you want. Of course, the narrower the better. You will see that most of the wheels available today can be ordered with any backset you want. It seems the deep look for rear wheels is fading and the flush look with big backset is coming in. The more the backset, the more wheel under the car. Many are within a half inch or so of being flush with the end of the axle. You could very well get by without narrowing the rear with the proper backset on your wheels. In any event, pick your rear, get the wheels/tires you plan to use and measure the overall witdth. THen measure between the wheel wells and be sure to add 1 inch on each side for body roll and lateral movement. If you don't have the extra inch, you are cutting it close, and some real cutting could happen..your tires. If you can't come up with a rear that will give this clearance, you will need to narrow. A good machine shop should be able to take care of your needs for about $150.00. If they want more, keep looking.

blown69stang 05-26-2002 07:38 PM

-First ask yourself what you are going to do with this car. The following is assuming you have no overdrive, if you do than you can step one level higher in rear end gears. If you are going to all out drag race, you can go as high as 4.10 or more if you want; this will be okay on the road if you don't go on the highway for extended periods. If you are going to drive this thing on the highway and still want to race some, then get something in the 3.55 to 3.89 area. If you want total economy on the high way than something between 2.73 and 3.27 is good.

-The next thing to consider is what kind of differential you want. If you have a good deal of power and want to race then you will need a positrac or limited slip(same thing different name) If you want all race then get a locker but this will be distroyed by turning if you drive on the street. An open rear end if the cheapest but most of the power goes to only one wheel. If you really want to shell out some cash, an airlocker is cool. You can lockup the rear for racing and disengage it for street driving.

-After all this, decide what kind of power range you expect on having or do have and how much abuse you are going to give this thing. Big power and abuse from racing or will need something strong like and Ford 9" or something custom. If you have moderate power than an 8.8" Ford will work nicely and can be built up to take some power. If you drive like Granma Jane than a 7.5" Ford from an early model Mustang will be cheap but may be hard to find parts for.

-Nascar runs modified Ford 9"s and most guys who are non-brand biased (chevy, mopar, ford) will say that the Ford 9" is one of the best units to have. Of course there are those guys that are all GM biased that say that the Ford 9" are crap and there are guys that say that Chevy 10 bolts are crap but talk to a professional that specializes in rear ends and He'll probably say the 9" is the way to go. Good Luck!

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wrenchturner 05-26-2002 08:26 PM

Ford 9 inch If Im not mistakin 57 ford housing is 51 inches I shoved one under a vega which was 2 inches wider than the vega which was 49 inches (compensate with off set wheels)wrenchturner :cool: P.S leaf spring housing cut off brackets added chev.stock brackets coil spring

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