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BT74 11-12-2006 04:46 PM

Repop parts for 1939 Buick?
I'm seriously looking at a 39 Buick 4dr sedan that's for sale near me for short money. It's actually pretty decent by northeastern standards. Rockers are gone, floor have been replaced years ago(amature job) but overall, it is pretty solid. I was waondering if anyone has had any luck finding repro body panels for this car? Plenty of 39 Chevy parts available...but according to the distributors, they won't fit. Any info would be appreciated before I make a move on this gem. :confused:

adtkart 11-12-2006 05:12 PM

I don't know about getting parts for that thing, but if it's a good price, I'd go for it. If it's sheetmetal, it can be reproduced!


OneMoreTime 11-12-2006 05:17 PM and some simple tools and you are on your way..good metal is hard to find anymore so we have to do this sort of your own pieces..


adtkart 11-12-2006 05:29 PM

Being in NH, if you have no other project, and have heated garage space, you might as well go for it. It'll be getting too cold to do anything outside for a while. :D


BT74 11-12-2006 06:30 PM


Originally Posted by adtkart
Being in NH, if you have no other project, and have heated garage space, you might as well go for it. It'll be getting too cold to do anything outside for a while. :D


Yeah, that is a problem. I've got 2 60 Chevys , a 79 Camino, a 67 Mustang and my 56 Chevy for projects. Got a big garage...but no room in it, need to sheetrock the ceilings and put some heat in it.Way too many projects and not enough time, but i hate to pass this 39 up.

jetnow1 11-06-2007 07:25 PM

1939 Buick
Very little interchanges on 39 buicks- different front sheetmetal from 38 and 40, rear fenders will interchange with 39 olds and pontiac but gas filler differs.
Chevy parts are not interchangable. Sometimes seems parts are difficult to
find and pricey- othertimes I find no one else wants them and they are cheap!
I just bought a nice hood side panel for my 39 at a large swapmeet paid $10
for it- saw mechanism for the panel on e-bay at a starting bid of $50 and the
one attached to mine looked to be better.

jimmy1 11-09-2007 06:38 PM

Repop parts for 39' Buick
No repops for this baby! and there is'nt likly to be any time soon. I wish they made grills and some other goodies. Nothing from a Chevy will fit in the sheet metal department, "two different cars completely" The body of the 39'Buick was a little known engineering disaster for GM. The full frame was not extended to the rear bumper supports which resulted in two or all four doors being pinched shut in a slight rear end tag. Will make a nice rod, but if you are going to restore it, make sure its complete or get deep pockets and high power flea market goggels. Get it cheap! there are alot of fine examples for sale out there and they aren't moving quick. The rockers are "Gone". Did you mean the door sill panels? Sounds like fun already

adtkart 11-10-2007 08:28 AM

Since the original thread is a year old, was wondering, BT did you get that thing?


jetnow1 11-10-2007 08:21 PM

39 buick
Some of the later 39 buicks were made with a full frame- the also offered
a kit so dealers could extend the frame so buyers could add a trailer hitch!
Per my Hollander doors rear fenders and trunk lids interchange with same
year olds and pontiac models. Also some glass.

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