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Old 03-10-2004, 06:24 PM
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WOW! I just wrote this same post a month or so ago! DV and Luci should a search, you should find it.

I agree with you and hear you loud and clear. Everyone says it`s a great combo must have it perfectly tuned and you must have every part of the combo.

This is your post but I must tell you what I have and maybe it`ll help you.

I have the Edelbrock RPM heads, perforemer intake. edelbrock carb 750, 373 rear end and Comp Extreme 274 ( 230/234 @.050 and .490 in and out ). and a 2400 stall. Compression ratio is about 9:7.1.

That combo stinks, the best run I had was a 14.7 305 ran a 15! I`m sure I could of tweeked it to a 14.2 but I expected low 13`s at worst.

I know what you mean as you need more combo would never stop pulling but it just pulled slow and it pulled mostly around 4000 and up.

I had on 1.6 rockers and I went back to 1.5`s...that did help out the low end a little and I also changed the cam timing and that helped out a little. 750 carb and bigger (14 by 3 ) air cleaner also helped a little.

SOOOOOOO...this is what I`m going to do. My engine is all apart now so I`m going to mill the block to bump the compression upto about a 10 : 5 to 1, I may put on a 3000 stall OR go one cam down AND put on the Rhodes lifters. My cash is limited now also so I may go to "Your" cam and put on the rhodes lifters.

I don`t think we would have such a problem if we had roller cams...but I`m learning just like you.

If I were you I would for the time being toss on a .015 head gasket and the lifters. Both cheap. The gasket is weak but it beats a tear down...I`m gonna have it milled cuz it`s already torn down.

I`m, going to everything possible to get more torque, screw the HP...our current combos have plenty of HP but torque moves the car. I`m sure Someone on this board has had the exact same parts as you and I. Recently some one on this board mentioned the exact same thing.....was it you Double V??.....that person mentioned on something to the fact of..street cars should concentrate more on getting more torque.

Let us know what you do ( especially me ) and I will definetly pass it on to what worked for`s frustrating spending $1000 on those heads and have a slow car.
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