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logmodre 11-03-2012 02:43 PM

rich fuel help
Hello, I am looking for some help or direction.

I have a stock untouched (except for some smog errors, blocked inputs) 1986 ford F150 straight six, four point nine liters. Note: At the door opening it says it is a 9/1985, I bought it new. The carburetor, single barrel, and what looks like a solenoid on the right side, and a pot on the butterfly shaft. This carburetor has a tag on it that reads: motorcraft E5IE UA A 5 D 19.

My fuel mixture is way too rich especially at low RPM, most likely due to the smog ports blocked. I am looking for a place where I can buys smaller jet sizes, gaskets, explanation of the solenoid function.


LATECH 11-03-2012 04:41 PM

It needs a carb rebuild, not smaller jets. The needle and seat must have worn out and is unable to restrict the fuel flow correctly, so it runs rich.
Chances are it floods also , after setting.
You have owned it since new, thats pretty good.
The electrical thing on the side with the 4 wires is a feedback motor.
Is the check engine light on? It may have some other issues as well. TPS MAP sensor etc. all need to be looked at before any work is done.

logmodre 11-03-2012 06:15 PM

Thank you, and your very well done answer, very helpful. But there has been a change to the intake manifold, all exhaust input have been blocked. Do I not need to rejet the carburetor? The smog ports are not leaning the mixture any more. Where can I get jets?

LATECH 11-03-2012 06:31 PM

Those ports on the head were for an A I R system ...air injection reaction.
Some had the AIR and some didnt.
Did your have it originally?
My 90 didnt , the replacement engine had the ports and came with a box of plugs for the holes in the head. Mine was EFI , so they were plugged.
If anything, having the AIR inactive or blocked as you described would send a richer signal to the Controller (ECM) making it run to a leaner setting.
Your rich problem is most likely the carb.
Dont neglect getting the system scanned with an OBD 1 scanner, or pull codes manually . If the TPS is shorted, or it has a MAP sensor problem, those can richen the mixture excessively also.
Is the check engine light on?

logmodre 11-04-2012 09:50 AM

Yes mine was made with air injection. I have been looking for the engine light. I can see where it is in the dash, but it does not light in test mode. Found dealer removed it way back when they worked on it-I believe. I have found that mine is: EEC-IV/TFI/carb feed back (It only has two wire though).
I am looking and found some literature on pulling code, a lot of information. Thank you for the help.


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