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Originally Posted by ForceFed86
I was afraid you'd say that... was hoping this eng would stay together a bit longer. If the heads are junk, think a pedestal of jb weld would hold a season?
No there isn't that kind of strength in JB Weld, that's sending glue to do the job of a welder.

I could venture that maybe if you can get this real clean inside the crack, maybe it could be brazed. Weld is what's really needed but welding on cast iron isn't very often successful. On the other hand you can go ahead and run this with my suggested fix to the rocker shaft and see how long it goes. Or put a band clamp around the pedestal or drill it for a cross bolt with the shaft bolt torqued up might hold it together, talk about a ghetto fix.

Nice thing about aluminum heads is they weld pretty easy. A not so subtle hint for your choice in replacement heads.

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