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Originally Posted by Mojo56
I think the mods considered some info "advertising"... that Gibbs info is good stuff... not sure why they would think it's any different than other posts on the site...
Mojo: between you, Inspector1 and Bogie, I pay attention to what you guys say. I agree with you on the extra cost of the cam and parts..I thought that the Lunati 60101LK cam was about perfect for the motor I intend to build...Mind you, I based this off of an Army combat vehicle...That vehicle was the M-114 Recon Scout tracked carrier...It weighted 12,000# and ran at that time a 283, or 327 corvette motor in them...All I remember, is the motor rumbled and they smartly moved from a dead stop...So, I based video's I found on You Tube, since it has only been almost 40 years ago for those memories...

Inspector 1 swears by using Hyd. Roller Cams, to avoid having a cam failure. I also understand about Joe Gibbs reving up to 9,000rpm with his motors...

I guess since we are in this economic situation with no guarantee of what the future will bring us, I think Inspector1, makes some valid points, in not taking the chance...The last motor I built was before my stroke's and that was in the 80's...I have had problems with forgetfullness, as well as memory loss and sometimes, I wonder why I said what I said...things just come out wrong...But that is the price of having strokes...I am lucky to be alive, walking and talking...
I think that is the reason why I am looking at the HYD. Roller Cam..I think in the long run, in the event the oil company's again switch things around, I will not have to play their games and come up with solutions, like everyone is doing now with additives...

Lastly, it was Joe Gibbs site that 404'd the articles of the oil comparison charts they did on various manufactures and the levels of ZDDP they had in them...Lucas break in oil had the highest levels of zddp, but also had the highest levels of calcium in it too. All that information is now 404'd from their website, as well as one other document...I must of ruffled someone's Wheaties with yellow milk~!

Again, I have not made a decision on which way to go...I already have the Lunati cam and lifers sitting here....I guess it is all about what Dirty Harry said in his movie: "Do you feel lucky, punk? " Lately, NO, I haven't....
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