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johnsongrass1 08-15-2002 07:01 PM

roller rockers
I've been searching for two months for a set of roller rockers and I can't decide on wether to buy guided or non-guided, Seems that opinion's very so wildly that I'm about to give up on the whole idea. Some one please explain to me wether or not I need to use giude plates or will the cast-in-head push rod slot will suffice for keepin the rollers centered over the valves. My machinists have pinned the pressed stud so that my spring pressure won't pull them out so it seems reason to me that cheaper non-guided rockers would be the best way go. What do you guys think?

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johnsongrass1 08-17-2002 09:48 AM


KULTULZ 08-17-2002 10:50 AM

What's your application (engine manufacturer-year and present rocker type)?

johnsongrass1 08-19-2002 06:07 PM

Something like this, 79' G.M. Replacement Block, (high nickel content)510" lift max RPM at 6500, .030 over bore, Home ported 882 Cyl. Heads Nominal comp ratio 10.0:1 Currently using Z28 springs with 130# seat pressure and stock rockers

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bullheimer 08-20-2002 11:00 AM

i havent had any problems with mine i just replaced the stockers w/o anything else. but i dont have 510 lift either! and that's what i consider high performance. and that is where my "experitese" hahahahahahahahahahaha! falls flat on its face <img src="graemlins/evil.gif" border="0" alt="[evil]" />

johnsongrass1 08-20-2002 05:52 PM

I'm not really expecting to get a lot of horsepower or any thing but mianly trying to save the giudes. stock rockers slide over the valve tip and also push the valve tip towerd the out side drasticly reducing the life expectancy. I,m thinking I might expect cooler oil temps but undecided on how much lower.

The Vandal 08-20-2002 06:14 PM

I think you should call Comp Cams. The call is free and they can answer your question. My guess is that if you really plan on turning 6500 with 300-325# open (guess) you should go with screw-in studs and guide plates. As far as the rockers go it's really how much money you want to spend, isn't it? I can't recommend a cheap rocker - ask Comp.

The Vandal

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