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Originally Posted by JeffB View Post
He has stood the same ground since day one without the flip-flops, we will all pay the price for those who bought into the media rhetoric crucifying Ron Paul.He gave the warnings but very few folks know what common sense is these days or how to use it.Ron Paul is Much More Like Ronald Reagan Than Mitt Romney Wants You to Believe

well.. common sense starts with not doing the same thing and thinking it be somehow different..
who keeps sending the same clowns down there again and again..

I mean look around... reid no budget in 4 years but they put him back for another term..
polisie can't bother to read the bills to see whats in it untill they pass it.. and they sent her back for another term..
thats just 2..
no matter if pauls ideas and thinking, if you waas unable to get anything done other than his states pet projects funded.. he was taking up a seat.. part of being down there is to have ideas and explain them so you get others on board.. if you can't do that.. no matter how good your ideals are.. it's a lost cause...
I really think they need an age limit.. as those down there are so out of touch with today world..
come on.. every election.. abortion becomes what people worry about.. or now that and gay marrage.. in hinge their vote on that crap... or if they cheated on their wife or husband.. THERE IS THE PROBLEM...
if someone says something offensive .. people will email vendors that place ad's for that time slot.. but can't be bothered to do the same with the news media..
a guy says the girls basketball player has frizzy hair. and all hell breaks loose and the emails the stations and the vendors that have ads in that time slot.. but can't be bothered to do the same to FORCE the media to report the news witout bias..
look in the mirror as WE are the reason washington doesn't work.. and is the mess it is.. WE are the problem as we care more if a guy got laid or his/her thoughts on aportion, or gay marrage... all non issues to running the country...
and untill WE change our thinking.. we'll get the same crap from washington..
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