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History tells us that great movements sometimes start with small steps in a particular direction. Thanks to RPs tireless efforts, some small steps have taken place and will hopefully continue following his departure. So, I don't think he was simply "taking up a seat". He WAS making a difference, even if the final results are yet to play out. In any event, someone was going to "take that seat". Would we have been better off with an economically ignorant socialist in that seat? Or a war mongering statist? Those seem to be the two most prevalent alternatives.

When you speak of some being out of touch with "today's world", I'm not so sure that they don't understand it. Perhaps they just don't agree with the direction is which it's going. I, for one, applaud that stance as I totally agree we're heading in the wrong direction.

I don't think age has much to do with any of this. There are idiots and geniuses of all ages. It depends on what the person thinks and how they act. I do agree that term limits would be a good thing, but the truth is it will not happen anytime soon, if ever.

Yes we, the people, elect the wrong people to make the decisions which so seriously impact our lives and we, the people are ultimately to blame. Sadly, the citizenry had fallen for the false God of socialism. It will end in tears as it has everywhere it's ever been tried.

Yes, we do spend to much time on social issues better left to the individual as opposed to the legal/political arena.

BTW, the Imus remark about the Rutgers b'ball team to which I believe you're referring was not offensive to many because of any reference to "frizzy hair". It was because he called them "hoes", which is certainly an insult and totally uncalled for. It probably got more press than it deserved, but it was quite offensive, in any event.

Your final statement is totally correct. Until WE change our thinking we'll continue to get the same crap from Washington.
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