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Robbie 06-03-2004 06:57 PM

RPM reading on tack, whats best???
I was wondering,on my 350sb, it idels at engine temp between
1000-1200 and with it in gear its between 900-1000..
I have a hight lift cam its a 288/286-230/230-560/560 lobe110 hyd roller cam with 1.5 roller rockers. and was wondering if thats ok.????.the reason why im asking is,i just changed my plugs,and some smelt like gas alittle.( plug color was kinda blackisk,but still could see the white of the plug)so i thought it might be alittle rich,so i re-adjusted my mixture screws.I had them turned out about 2turns. I adjusted it last time with a vacuum gauge,and set it at highest vacuum, which was 2 turns out. with it 2 turns out, it ideld alittle differnt,and was alittle smother but not much..this time i just backed them out 1 1/2 turns,and alittle more till it smoothd out some.. the way its running now dont bother me,i just want ya'll advice on it..
thanks robbie

carbs are 2-450 cfm with mec sec. #60 jets 5.5power valves

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