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Oh, here's some more info:

I noticed that when the secondaries are delivering fuel, it's not a steady spray. Again, it's been since around 1980 that I was into the carb stuff, so I'm not sure what's 'right' and what's 'wrong' or even 'suspect'. So, when the secondary is delivering fuel, it's sporatic spraying.

Also, I had to adjust both fuel bowl floats; they're the type where you have to bend the linkage to adjust them. When inverted, both floats needed to be bent up to get the float level. Thinking about it, I think that would mean there would be less fuel in the bowls after my adjustment. Right? Wrong? Keep in mind that this problem seemed the same prior to rebuild, so I'm not sure if my adjustment made a difference or not.

To answer the questions 66GMC posted that I didn't in my previous post (I guess when you quote someone, you can't edit your reply):

There must be some fuel in the secondary bowl, as there is a visible spray, albeit sporatic.

It's of the transfer tube type.

No sight plugs or external adjustments on either bowl.

I installed new needles and seats that came with the kit. They seemed to move freely after I put the float/needle/needle seat in.
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