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Originally Posted by roger1
Epoxy that comes in spray cans is not worth a darn. Forget that idea.
Also, "conversion" of rust is a myth. There will still be rust. Get rid of the rust and work with clean metal. Also forget the Ospho. Prep the clean metal with 80 grit D/A scratches, use a waterborne wax and grease remover, and spray 2 coats of a high-quality epoxy on the metal. Ospho on clean bare metal is a waste of time and can be detrimental. Use Ospho on your outdoor furniture but use quality automotive products on your car body. For automotive use, epoxy has the best adhesion to properly prepped metal bar none.
obviously someone that never used it....its more like navel jelly with a hemi....I've only found three good ways to REMOVE rust (not convert it) ...

The best and easiest way is with an electrolytic solution and electricity (reverse electro plating) its simple and safe if done right.But whatever you want to derust has to be totally imersed in the solution...So something like a car will require a swimming pool size tank....separate pieces like doors and fenders are a lot easier...This process is so good that even screws and bolts that were rusted solid will easily come out afterwards....

my second choice would be ospho and a wire wheel with multiple applications for the heavy stuff...the rust dissolves away and it gets better and better each time....NOTHING cleans like acid... nothing.....thats why they use it at the plating shops (chrome) so yes ,it does a great job of cleaning unrusted metal and etching it for primers it makes ALL primers stick better.
Keep in mind I'm only talking about using Ospho ....its not the same as phosphoric acid but that IS what makes it work.its like calling etch primer acid ,its just not the same....OSPHO DOES "NOT" NEED TO BE NEAUTRALIZED...

Media blasting is another way to get rid of of rust but it has to many drawbacks to be of much use on cars for newbies unless it shipped to a pro that will guarantee no warpage....Still... your taking a chance...Personally I want to do every step myself....
blasting will take off good metal with the rust ...its very messy and cant be done unless every piece is removed. so you cant blast a car that's still able to move in and out of the shop just total restos...Then you have the expense of the equipment ,special place to do it that wont get sand over every square inch of the shop or garage. then after its done you still have to prime it right away because it'll start rusting that day.I defiantly wouldn't trust a blasting company to prep and prime my car....I have shipped a few cars out for blasting and they did a good job but it cost about 1,200.00 .....and I still used the ospho to protect it ....
I found the most economical ,easiest and fastest way to get started on a project is to chemical strip with aircraft stripper (50.00a gallon) and treat the bare metal with ospho (15.00 a qt) whether its rusted or not then epoxy prime ...I also dont have much use for any other primers or sealers any more....This is how I've done it for the past 25 yrs and how and why I do it on all the cars I strip and restore at my shop,There are no exceptions...

there is no "permanent" way to remove or stop rust you can only slow down the process....Metal is man made and rust is natural....

Its not nice to fool mother nature...
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