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Originally Posted by stephen44
OK - so I've read everything there is on rust removal - including every posts in this thread - and think I understand the pro's and cons...but there is one thing I don't get....

Rust needs a few things to "grow" - i.e. continue the rusting process .. iron + oxygen + water ..

so if i wire brush off the rust surface so i am left with pitted bright metal - with admittedly rust down in the pits - but no holes or very thin metal - but then epoxy both sides therefore creating a barrier to oxygen and water - won't the rust just stop at this point ?

then fill - then epoxy again - so even if the filler absorbs some moisture it is sandwiched between two epoxy layers - am I not good.

(now this is for a daily driver resto - not a show winning car )

- Stephen
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Steven a short answer to your question, as this is a thread not worth much more.

As far as automotive there are three stages of rust, flash, the start of pitting and the scale.

Your theory is right but it is also wrong from stand point that scale hold air and moisture, so sealing from both sides will actually accelerate it, kinda same as a cancer cell that get air when you are cut open, goes on a mad rush to replace itself, kinda sorta anyway.

Flash rust is or can be painters best friend, if using epoxy, DTM 2K, acid etch, polyester will not stop it.
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