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Originally posted by asennad
Moisture cured urethanes are used to paint off- shore oil wells and bridges. No question. The brands above are just marketed to retail consumers - not commercial industry.
Go to the links provided and come back with a quote saying they used this technology.

The ONLY reason I have responded at all is to provide balanced argument. I don't need to or want to have a peeing match one on one with someone. Use it if you wish, it's your car and your choice. I have seen threads similar to this and other subjects on forums where there are no pros to offer that argument. These threads are VERY misleading to the uninformed. I hate to see someone have a misunderstanding that would lead them to producing a job less than what they want, or more importantly hurt themselves.
If I come across a thread where a number of non-pros are telling someone to go ahead and paint in their garage without a resperator, I am going to jump in on that one as well, at it a few rude comments may appear there as well.

Here it is in a nut shell, even though pros will argue about every thing from what hammer to use and if plastic filler is junk, they will agree on the following statment.....
POR and similar products have their place. They are NOT the product the marketing department has made them. They are NOT the product the homehobbiests have made them out to be, they are a "POR" bandaid, (hey I like that) they do not "repair" ANYTHING. Every pro I have ever known (hundreds) would agree, they would NEVER use these products on a customers car that they were being paid to restore. Every pro would also agree, they know of no REAL paint company that provides paint to the multi billion dollar collision industry or to the multi hundred billion dollor manufacturing industry who markets a similar product. There are NO paint manufactures who have LIFE TIME WARRANTEES for their products (PPG,DuPont, S-W, Glasurat, etc.) that have a similar product included in those warrantees.

I have worked with people from every aspect in this industry. I have never known of a single one of them to even enter these products into a serious conversation. In the real autopaint world they are NON PLAYERS period.

Where was POR at NACE? If you are not aware of this event click here. Now I understand it is a collsion industry event and not directed toward the restoration industry. But would think about 90% of the restoration projects done at the shop level are done in collision shops. NACE 2004 had over 500 venders and 35,000 professionals from the autobody industry attending looking for the latest and greatest to help them provide a better product faster. Hmmm, POR was not there, ZeroRust was not there, nope, NO magic potion was there.
Do you know why, because no self respecting professional would be seen talking to the reps at the booth. That booth would have a couple of guys staring at each other with a plate of cold hors devoures in front of them.

As I said, POOR ( )has it's place. If you don't want to do it right, for what ever reason, use POR. As I have said many times before, I am not knocking someone for using it. I only want to make it clear it is NOT the right way to "repair" rust. If you are doing a project that is not "worth" doing right, well then it is an acceptable way to "deal with" rust.

Like plastic filler, it is a way to repair damaged sheetmetal. If I were to see someone lathering plastic filler all over a 59 Ferrari TestaRosa it would turn my stomach. But I use it everyday and it is a great product to "get the job done". As long as we understand it is not the best way to do it.
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