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I had to laugh when I read your post adtkart. Read the following text from ads off eBay where I sold cars.

My VW Bug
"As you can see from the picture, the pan has had some water in it and is UGLY. It is however solid. There are two small rusted thru areas on the right front floorboard, that is all the rust thru the car has ever had. We are talking two 3x3-inch areas that are thin with some holes. I even will include a quart of long strand fiberglass reinforced filler to take care of it, not only that, but a quart of POR-15 rust encapsulater for the rest of the floor! It isnít the best way to repair it, but I had some of the stuff and I will put it in with the car in case that is the way you would like to finish it."

And my '65 Buick Skylark

"This car is as solid and rust free as you will find, I can not believe you will find one more solid than this. Now, these words are easy to come by. "Rust free" I see it all the time, this is a little different, this car has ALWAYS been rust free (well except for a tiny bit on the trunk floor, more on that later). I am an autobody and paint technician and I restored this car and kept it in the family this long because it was such a great car. It has been parked outside every day for the past 10 years so the paint looks bad, real bad. But I assure you, under that paint there are no surprises. That is the difference here, no "rust free" talk only because you can't SEE it. This car's rockers and quarters, as well as the front fenders have a simple coat of paint on them, no bondo, no rust "magic potions", you can clearly see EVERY SINGLE spot weld . After being in the auto body business for 25 years, believe me, that is the sign. Don't believe someone telling you it is "rust free", get on the ground and look up at the rockers and quarters, the trunk floor, the frame. If it has underseal on it, RUN. This car has a simple coat of paint, NO RUST on the frame what so ever, we are talking ORIGINAL black paint. The body mounts, trunk floor, floor pans, have SHINEY, ORIGINAL silver paint on them!The body bolts are still in perfect zinc plating. This is the real deal, no "a little rust" BS, this thing is SOLID.

I mentioned the trunk floor, I have spilled water jugs from my days of filling jugs at the "Clear water station" in the trunk that wasn't dried up. I felt like a fool when I pulled up the mat to see some rust. I did it, the trunk does NOT leak. This rust is very localized, what you see in paint, is SOLID. I scraped off the rust and found two spots about the size of a dime that are thin, other than that is solid. I did not just cover it up with some spatter paint so I could tell you it was "rust free". What you see is the ONLY rust this car has ever had. I have seen many similar cars for sale where the seller brags about how there is no rust and shows a freshly spatter painted trunk. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. There are no surprises here. There is ABSOLUTLY NO RUST WHAT SO EVER in the quarters, rockers or fenders as most every one you will ever see has. As I said before, it has NEVER had rust there. The paint you see was sprayed over the original paint. No "surface rust" no "tiny rust specs" NOTHING. There are no games here, no "patching" has been done for the sale."

Both buyers left me glowing feedback and were very appreciative of my honestly in the description.
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