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Originally posted by MARTINSR

"This car is as solid and rust free as you will find, I can not believe you will find one more solid than this. Now, these words are easy to come by. "Rust free" I see it all the time, this is a little different, this car has ALWAYS been rust free ...... NO RUST on the frame what so ever, we are talking ORIGINAL black paint. The body mounts, trunk floor, floor pans, have SHINEY, ORIGINAL silver paint on them!The body bolts are still in perfect zinc plating. This is the real deal, no "a little rust" BS, this thing is SOLID.......

There is ABSOLUTLY NO RUST WHAT SO EVER in the quarters, rockers or fenders as most every one you will ever see has. As I said before, it has NEVER had rust there. The paint you see was sprayed over the original paint. No "surface rust" no "tiny rust specs" NOTHING.
The qualifying phrase here is "rust free as you will find", but then you go on to delineate and describe the rust spots that are present and are visible, so I really doubt that the vehicle is "as rust free as you will find" especially as you have described the overall weathered and deteriorated condition of the rest of the vehicle. so your description is sellers hyperbole, nothing wrong with that in and of itself,
however to remove that description from its appropriate place on e-bay, and place it in this thread as some kind of evidence that you had an old vehicle with "ABSOLUTELY NO RUST ANYWHERE" is disingenuous, because being the EXPERT that you are you KNOW that corrosion began the day the vehicle was manufactured, and that there were seams and hidden areas where rust was indeed forming, and that the paint being weathered to the degree you described was allowing moisture and oxygen to penetrate the paint film to the underlying metal, the body might have indeed been in fantastic condition for the year of its manufacture, it most certainly was NOT with "ABSOLUTELY NO RUST ANYWHERE".

Now if you want to really get serious, address how to take that nice SOLID older vehicle and, return it to a condition, where the claim "ABSOLUTELY NO RUST ANYWHERE" is in fact true, and not just advertising hyperbole. That IS the subject of this thread, and thus far none of us has provided a practical, reasonable answer.
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