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Originally posted by MARTINSR
Jessie, you could start an argument in an empty room.
What about that post was argumentive?
I and others WANT to know how to attain a older vehicle that really has "ABSOLUTELY NO RUST ANYWHERE", and will remain in a rust free condition for say 20 years after a $$$$$$ restoration.

That there be no misunderstanding, I am talking about OLD vehicles produced 40,50, and 60 years ago, produced before the introduction of the modern factory applied metal coatings and paint systems introduced during the '80s and '90s.

For example that solid '65 Buick Skylark, how do you prevent rust from forming in the seams between the floor pan and the rear wheel housings? or the seams where the wheel housings are welded to the rear wheel arches? as it did the majority of cases (unless the car was scrapped before reaching 20 years of use,as the majority were)
Are you suggesting the 'RIGHT' way to 'restore' that '65 Skylark was to drill out every single spot-weld, remove the entire floor-pan, inner wheel housings, rockers, and disassemble every single stamping so that it can be painted with epoxy the 'RIGHT' way?( NO sarcasm is intended here) But a simple and serious question, Is this how you would have done the job to consider it to be done the RIGHT way?
(I only employed the empathsis here because thats how you employed it in your previous posts, and it is not being used nor intended as being sarcasm here.)

Barry wrote about a vehicle estimated to be worth $85,000, is it unrealistic to expect that for that kind of money, the car be able to remain rust free for 20 years?

I have "argued" nothing in this post, just asked a few honest questions, could you extend the courtesy of a polite answer?
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