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Anyone with a sensible thought in his head understands what it means. Now,as I said the guy who bought that car had a truck pick it up from here in Ca. It was trucked back to his place of business in NY where he specializes in restoring vintage motorcycles and cars.

The first email I got from him was he had put it up on the lift and could not believe the condition of the car he was VERY happy. Now, if he was not "misled" by my discription because he is sensible enough to understand it why can't you be?
Why, because you are looking for a ridiculous argument.

Now, I understand your point that if you wanted to be anal you have a good argument. It would be akin to saying your one year old son is a "baby" and I said, well actually he is a "todder" and he has aged all ready and is on his way to death.

I understand that you are from the rust belt and maybe you have never seen a car that is truly "rust free" but they exist, unless you want to dissect the statement to a level no one would ever go. You CAN drill the spot welds out of the wheel wells to quarters on this car and find next to zero "SURFACE" rust. Because this rust is doing nothing and will stay exactly the way it is for another thirty five years (if it is cared for) most normal people would call this car "Rust free". Now, because that MINUTE rust will someday be damaging rust if parked out on the curb in a snow covered street in the rust belt doesn't change what it is RIGHT NOW. Kinda like that one year old child, he will some day die of old age, that doesn't mean he is dead right now.

Like I said, the man who bought it, KNOWS rust, he thanked me for the honest description. I have three negative feedback out of 300 on ebay. The three that I do have were from people who expect way too much from people. I have been personally emailed over and over with thanks for my honest description. And many times I have been told it was BETTER than my description. That being said I must be speaking to the masses and not to the few who would pick the statements apart.
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