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I still think the major point is being missed here and that is when products like por and rust encapsulator are touted as the first choice for rust repair when they really should be the choice of last resort. When a so-called tech rep(eastwood)suggests spreading rust over a large area as the best way to deal with minor specks in light pitting that is just plain wrong. When someone with some experience relates how these products seem to work for them then that is good, however when they insist that these unconventional methods are the best way to go when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary then they are stepping over the line.(not picking on you jessie just the subject in general). When non-pros are presented with what seems like a new miracle product that will provide an easy way out of a hard job and are urged on by someone who may or may not be qualified to judge these products in a meaningful way then it becomes all to easy to make the wrong choice. Opinion is fine and new methods should be discussed as that is how we learn but one should never get upset when someone with experience is disinclined to accept a new method until it is proven. One cannot overlook the fact that a rusty panel is still just as rusty regardless of what it is covered with, be it por or duct tape it is STILL there and in the case of frame rust or unibody rust let us not overlook the very important matter of structural failure due to an attempt to take the easy way out. I know that the first argument here will be to ascertain the structural integrity of a part first but not all are qualified or inclined to do so. Also covering what at the time might seem like acceptable damage is kind of like pulling a rug over a hole in the floor it may look ok....BUT. Even if the damage is not structural it may cause a salvageable part to be lost later due to further deteration. when one considers the time,money and sweat that goes into our projects then the old saying of "if it is worth doing,it is worth doing right" could not be more true. If someone thinks "bandaid" repair is ok then that is fine with me, if they want to share that view with others thats ok too but I was very impressed with the knowledge I found here coming from the pros and I have learned a LOT that I could not find anywhere else and it gets a little depressing when someone wants to argue that an unproven method is the best way and to call someone blind and ignorant because they refuse to accept unproven methods over the conventional is just inexcusable, again I am NOT picking on anyone in particular it is just that it seems to happen alot here.

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