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I am not familiar with the autobody stuff any more, I get more into metallurgy and aircraft. It's been a long time since we painted with cheap red primer, sprayed with lacquer, wet sanded, and wheeled the finish. We made some real pretty cars, orange peel was something not to be tolerated (seems not to be the case nowadays). But I was just a kid, sanding, and taping, and rubbing out, till my arms were falling off. It was a 2 bit body shop, the owners didn't even read the instructions on the paint cans. They used what they were familiar with. Paint chemistry has come a long, long way since then. Maybe I'll get into it on my project car, if I discover that finding a good body shop is like finding a good engine or trans shop. Any more if I go into a place that charges good money, and they give me a blank stare when I ask a question that I already know the answer to, I just sigh and go do it myself.

Thanks for your reply!

Originally posted by MARTINSR
Pantload, I would say that is more than two cents, it closer to a buck and a half.

I love that stuff, and I am damn proud of myself, I understand what you said!

I am trying to fully understand the etch primer vs epoxy issue.
Do you have any knowledge on the etch primers and epoxy primers commonly found in the autobody industry?

If you do, what do you think about the issue?
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