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I really have my doubts on the authenticity of the post. It really reeks of a poop starter to me.

But in case SSMCJON is real and really posted it I will take my time to respond.

SSMCJON, if you read the entire thread, I know it is long but there really is some great stuff there. You will find that everyone has spoken their mind on the POR subject. Some very knowledgeable people have said everything there is to say about the good and bad of POR and similar products. A sales pitch is truely worthless at this point.

To ride on AdtKart's comments I have to say that it is a damn shame that the words "Lifetime warrantee" mean NOTHING because of a lot of companies like POR, PEP boys, Harbor Freight, and many others. POR does have a product that is useful, so do these other companies, there are uses for these cheap products. However, because they have thrown the words "Lifetime warrantee" on everything in sight, it no longer means QUALITY like it did years ago.

You are a salesman for them huh? Well, can you authorize a refund to someone for his "warrantee"? Can you, without so much as calling a supervisor hand someone a credit for $2,000.00? I am assuming you are a "distributor" of POR and not an employee of the company. You simply buy it at whole sale and then sell it at suggested list. Well I was an employee of a respected paint company. I was a regular old rep, a "salesman" if you will. I could make that $2,000.00 credit to a customer if I felt our product had done them wrong or failed in some way. Now, $2,000.00 isn't much when you are talking about paint on a fleet of trucks or something. But it would handle most jobs and I had the authority to make the payment. And if it involved more, I made a phone call, WHAM, five or ten thousand if I wanted. I never had to do that, but if I needed it, I could do it.

So when I call you up and say I scubbed the loose rust off my boat trailer and brushed on some POR JUST as it says in the instructions, you are going to cut me a check when it starts to fail and rust continues? That is a "warrantee" as far as I know. What does POR pay me for? My trailer? My labor? Or do I get a quart of POR after some lab tests?

No, there was a time when "Lifetime warrantee" meant something. You KNEW you were getting a quality product. SnapOn tools, that is a LIFETIME WARRANTEE that means something. I walk onto the truck and hand him a broken tool and he hands me a new one. No asking what happen, nothing. But of course you would have to seriously abuse a SnapOn tool to break it. But they would still hand you a new one, no questions asked. They not only will replace it if broken, they replace it if it is just worn a little. This past friday I walked on the truck and handed the guy my phillips screw driver, just handed it to him. I didn't say a thing because he was helping someone else. He turned around and handed me new one, and I walked off the truck. That my friend is a REAL "Lifetime warrantee". Now mind you, you don't even need this warrantee. The tools last so long you get your moneys worth. I have SnapOn tools that I bought 30 years ago that I use every single day!
One of the apprentices where I work went to Harbor Freight last week and bought an air ratchet. It broke the first day he used it, he brought it back, sure they handed him another, it lasted two days. He is now on his third in ONE WEEK. Is it a "lifetime warrantee"? I guess so, but it sure as heck isn't a product that I would call "Lifetime warrantee" quality!

No, the whores have taken that time honored phrase that meant quality and drug it down into the gutter. It means NOTHING now, what a shame.
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